I'm so sad I just don't want to live my life like this no more I just want someone to help I don't feel myself I'm just a sad weirdo girl that just thinks I'm going to die and no matter what i do I can't get it out my head I sit in my room all the time beacuse everytime I even leave my house I think I'm about to die . Every little pain I think it's serious like a bloodclot travelling to my heart or a bleed to the brain . I just don't know what's happening to me I just want someone to help me I feel so alone and lost. I'm 19 from England most the people I know my age are out clubbing working I don't do that no more beacuse I can't I had a job working with disabled kids but I had to stop it and get a sick note beacuse I kept thinking I'm was going to die screaming and running around saying I can't breathe I feel ashamed of who I am. I really just want my life baxk. Does people understand me?


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  • Yeah I understand. I used to have a huge fear that I'd go off my rocker and spend hours crying, wake up crying, not sleep, and panic, panic, panic. I got through that hurdle when I decided that, since I knew nothing was wrong with me, however much I doubted that, I did one thing I was scared to do. And that was to take a bath. I'd been feeling lightheaded then and was scared to take a bath for fear I'd pass out and drown. But I did it and let me tell you, it felt good to have that sense of control, over deciding to do that.

    After, I just decided that, well, worrying over if it will happen won't help me, and in fact, would make everything worse so I'm going to go out and see that what I fear doesn't happen in public. And that's what I did. I was on the right track until a fear popped up, a different one, and I did the dumb thing and RESEARCHED it. Now that is the one thing I picturee in detail when going out, but that is you causing that. You're thinking and building up this impractical fear and how to lessen it is to not think about it. If you find yourself doing so, instantly do something else. Draw, read, watch a show, play with a pet. And switch all your negative thinking to positive ones because they EMPOWER you.

    "Wow, I'm pretty strong for feeling so afraid and doing this anyway."

    I wasn't always afraid of this and if I wasn't once, I can be in that place again."

    And congratulate yourself when you do something. Even if that means not worrying for five minutes or going into the gas station and picking out a drink you wanted. This builds self esteem and I've been doing this over a week, and feel pretty good, like I can do this.

  • I'm just coming out of a bad bout of anxiety myself so far it's lasted 3 months and there has been times i was too scared to leave the house or when I did and I arrived at where I need to be Id freak out because I wasn't at home.

    It will pass and you will start to feel normal again. If you haven't already then speak to your doctor about getting some tablets to quash the adrenalin they help to a certain extent. Other advice I can give is don't bottle it up let it all out tell someone how your feeling, tell me if you like, you're not alone and you will beat it but right now it seems you need a little help getting into the right mindset to do so. Drop me a message if you feel like you're freaking out ill try and offer the best advice I can.

  • Hi there. I am 40 from Ireland and I just want to assure you it can happen to us all.

    If you want to keep writing I would love to keep chatting about this as I think together we can help each other.

    Looking forward to your next post :-)

  • Hi,

    Some good advice given on the previous posts, I hope they help.

    Anxiety stinks, and you are so....young. I cant give you any further advice except it will get better.


  • I have been there too, I am a lot better now because I faced the things I was afraid off, I didn't want to leave the house so forced myself to just go to the local shop, nothing happened, then it was catching a bus, I did it, it is scary but you will learn to cope with it, I have just returned from a trip to town, among all the crowds, this is something I could not have done 3 months ago. I do think you should see a doctor just to put your mind at rest over the health issues,

  • Thanks for all your replies. Iv took what everyone says. Just want to ask a question how comes I feel like I actually can't breathe when I can like now it's happening the back of my neck is really hurting and shoulders and heart feels really werid

  • Hi kaylala I know how you feel lass, I've been there, I used tae panick when I thought I couldn't breath, and my shoulders ached your not sad weirdo, the anxiety makes you feel this way, you r not going to die kayala believe me, I'm reading that book the now I told you about, it's helping me so much, I panicked every time I had to go out in my car by the time I got to my car door I froze the panick wanted to run away I was in tears and even wet myself, but in reading that book I've been out every day since Sunday, I feel so much better I'm not cured but I'm getting there, if you want to chat I'm here for you xxx

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