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why cant I cry

hi all, been one of those days even thou I haven't had anxiety. my nan had an appointment at the hospital this morning, had to have camera down both ways. they had my nan, mom and sister in a room after to tell them that she as more then likely got bowel c. ( I so hate that word ) my sister came round and told me in tears, where as, as much as im upset and felt like I needed to cry no tears would come. I would rather let my emotions out but I just cant seem to cry even when I feel like I want to or need to. its upsetting and im so worried about my nan and my mom. my nan actually lives with my mom and dad, she as heart problems and this isn't what we excepted but then again nobody does. i don't want my nan to suffer and i sure don't want to see her suffer. :-( xxx

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Hi Donaf I am very sorry to hear about your nan, my grandad had the C word... sorry i also don't like to use it .

Not crying when you are told shocking new has happened to me, the best thing you can do is make a day to go and see you nan and do all the things you want to do with her.

Make her feel the queen that she is, what time we have with people on this earth is precious,think of all the good times and not all the what if's.

Keep strong

Trip x


Hi dona so sorry to hear about your nan but please hun dont beat yourself up my dad died 9 years ago and i was the same its only these last few years i have felt the pain its as if its only just hit me that my dad is no longer coming back and now am finding hard to cope without him try not to look on the bad side she will fight this the older ones ate tougher than us babe try to be brave and be there for her and worry be strong for her xxx


This happens to me sometimes donaf , something sad will happen & I cant cry , i dont no why as I can cry at family fourtunes on other days

But if it is like what happens to me the tears will come , dont worry though , we all react differently at different stages with news like this , which I am sorry you have had

Thinking about you , we are all here for you




Hi Donaf, my love, SO sorry to hear the news about your Nan, though as Sheffield said, the old ones are tough, she may well beat it, and you wil all be there for her!!!

Not being able to cry is very common - I can cry at Lassie Come Home but don't think i shed a tear when my mum died. Sometimes, it's as if the grief is too deep for tears,they can't come - but they will, hun, in your time, when YOU'RE ready to cry, you will. I know it's horrible when you want/need to cry and can't, but the tears will come!

One suggestion - and I'm not sure about this one, I thought of doing it for myself but never done so - is to put a weepy film on? Sometimes, it's easier to cry over something that doesn't matter - like a weepy film - than something that really matters so much - but it might break the "dam" and let you cry? Just a thought, my sweet, and not sure it's the right advice - think about it!

Lots and lots of love, my pet, we're all here for you!




Thank u all I'm feeling abit better but the worry that won't go and I understand that. Seeing my cousin the way she suffered was upsetting. She was 29 but I don't know where they get there strength from. I had my mate and her girls round for tea last nite kept me busy cooking a tea. Then done house work. Ur all great on here and thanx for ur comments xxx


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