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Anxiety Induced Post Nasal Drip

Okay, so, for the last few days I have felt like you would when you have a cold and swallow too much mucus. I did not know how else to explain it until I thought of post nasal drip and read up on how anxiety is a common cause of it.

It feels like my throat is running. My nose is dry, but I can like, taste mucus in the back of my throat. I am nauseous, but not all the time. I just do not feel good. This actually makes sense cause oI was wondering how I could be feeling nauseous and hungry. I can still eat and stuff, but then I usually have a stomach ache, but it goes away.

How do I get rid of this? Ive never had this before in my life. Do I fill up on vitamin C? Benedryl? I want this gone as quicklyas possible. Will not being stressed help? Like, to not worry about it? Ugh, as if I needed one more thing to deal with. I hate feeling sick and it scares me as I have a huge fear of it, as I am SO focused on my stomach.

Please, someone, tell me what I can take to stop this. ;-;

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It depends on your body and what the doctors recommend you.

Some say take antihistamines (my case ) while others say b12 vitamins vitamin d etc.

Always check with your doc.


I dont have a doctor. I have emergency centers because my doctor was my granfather and Ive never had any health problem that needed medical attention.


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