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GERD + Anxiety

Hello peeps. This question is a little different from my recent panics, but it is sadly still health-related. Last night I began getting all manner of acid reflux symptoms such as a burning throat, abdonem gurgling, throat tightness, loads of mucus (or something like it?) in my throat. It's still going strong today, alongside my left arm pain and chest tightness, although it seems to make my palpitations a lot more noticable too.

I'm pretty sure anxiety causes this? It's begun so suddenly, and I'm hoping it has nothing to do with hiatal hernias or something?! ^^; I only worry about that because I've been taken Omeprazole and it no longer has any effect.

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Hi Daxter

"health anxiety " seems to be what you suffer with most & I can relate to that as have the same problem

At the moment I am suffering with tooth ache & the tension in me is quite alot as I am trying to deal with pain , & I felt my arm & hand going funny , but I had to remember how tense i am feeling , therefore my muscles will be getting tight & this causes these sensations we feel

You have had the all clear with your heart , try now & see this as anxiety & part of the symptoms

Acid reflux , suffered with for years , went & had the tube down my throat , & I do make alot of acid , one of the main problems which was explained , because I am so anxious , when eating you dont digest your food as good as when you are relaxed , this causing the acid & reflux . as again the muscles in your stomach are so tense

Have you asked GP if they can give you anything to help with this , I take a tablet & it does help

Also I have noticed certain foods , like spicey , pastry , greasy can make it worse , maybe you could look at if there are certain foods which make it worse & avoid them

A big glass of milk can help if you havnt tried that one

whywhy xxx

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Yeah, I mentioned in my message I've used Omeprazole, but it's effect has worn off. I noticed peppermint actually makes it worse; I've been having horrid palpitations/short breath all evening since having a peppermint tea. I'm sure it's just anxiety, but I'll pass it on to my GP all the same


Daxter , I had 3 different meds before i found the one that helped the best with the acid , so dont be afraid to ask , glad I kept going & asking

Maybe leave of the peppermint tea for a while & see if it makes a differnce , I no when I was bad people suggested peppermint oil , but that made mine worse !

Hope you find the right med for this for you

whywhy xxx


Peppermint tea is fab if you've stomach pains and abdominal spasms but I find it makes stomach acid worse too.


Yes anxiety does cause chest tightness I dno abt the acid reflux but you shud go get checked with the doctor just for your peace of mind x


Hi Daxter, not feelin great myslf, got sickness bug + migrains, is causin acid reflux + its an horrible ailment. i c u r already on treatment as i am. mayn ur GP can up ur dose but bcause u r sufferin terribly wiv mealtimes + i think its more of a mental issue than a physical 1, i think som sort of therapy might hlp. in the end its up 2 ur GP 2 decide ur bst treatment. do they know how distressin this is 4 u. im sat ere myslf wiv an upset stomache causin me acid reflux +its not nice but i dnt get the difficulty in swallowing at mealtimes. but i really do think that its an anxiety thing. take ur medication like tld + keep away fr trigger foods, drink milk. i take my meds in the mornin but if really bad take gaviscon in the evenin, i know u r not suposed 2 take 2gether bcause gaviscon stops the slow releasing meds workin so thats why i take meds in mornin + gaviscon at nite plus drink lots of milk. kindest regards leeanne.**


Hi Dax,

Health anxiety is a waking nightmare. No sooner do you have one thing sorted than yr body throws up a new symptom and yr mind is off again. Believe me, I do understand. I've been like this for years and when you are in the grip of it, it is horrific.

To answer some of yr medical queries - Yes, acid reflux is made so much worse by anxiety and it may even be a contributory cause to yr chest pain. I have damage done to the muscles in my brachael (sp) plexus which are the muscles at the top of yr chest into yr shoulders and this causes amazing pain. If you are holding yourself really tense it is possible you are feeling tension there too which will contribute to the pains and odd sensations you can feel in yr chest and down yr arms.

Everything you are describing is consistant with an anxiety diagnosis and you have done all the right things. You've seen the doc, you've had the tests, you have been told there is nothing major wrong. Of course you aren't reassured, your mind is still racing far to fast for that. The reassurence will come but not yet. For now you must accept you have these feelings but all is well and they will pass; try to relax as much as possible and use your breathing techniques. There are lots of other posts on here that will be able to advise you more about acceptance and breathing exercises and so will be worth a read.

Remember this will pass.

You are ok.

Keep in touch,



Thank you, I'll certainly check other posts. Speaking of breathing exercises; I've been very short of breath these last few hours, like if I don't take a deep breath myself I might faint. It's not the best thing to accompany palpitations, but can GERD/Anxiety cause that too? Forgot to mention it before! I struggle to breath from the diaphragm, guess it takes practice...! ^^


What you're describing is hyperventilation which usually accompanies the palpitations and is a classic anxiety symptom. Due to yr anxiety you are taking short, shallow breaths which means your body isn't getting as much oxygen as it would like so you start to feel a bit dizzy, light headed, tingling fingers, etc. Of course as soon as you feel those symptoms you start to panic more and yr breathing becomes even more shallow - vicious circle on its way to a poanic attack!!! Try to focus on breathing as deeply as you can manage: slowly in through yr nose and out through yr mouth. You are used to being tense and breathing swallowly so it will take a while for you to be able to breathe from the diaphragm but it will

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that should read shallowly not "swallowly" ~ typing faster than my fingers again!!!!


Hi daxter, i get alot of those symptoms and im waiting for a camera to be put into the stomach to check cos im belching also alday and when i roll over in the night. i was given the drug you are on but i had to stop cos it made me ill. i also get stiff neck and muscle pains down my arm and it makes me more anxious. x


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