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Piggin anxiety!

Hi all am having a horrid bad patch. Started having a problem with swallowing certain foods about a month ago,kept getting caught in my throat now have a tonne of catarrh in the back of my throat it's like a constant lump,am coughing up a bit of phlem(sorry) but just cannot shift it. Have tried several over the counter remedies but not worked. Get very nervous of taking my meds at night(have fibromyalgia) as its taking me ages to get the tablets down. So scared of choking. I also suffer from bad panic attacks although I have been getting tougher with them which defo makes a difference. Just spoke to my doctor and I could hear in her voice she thinks this is down to anxiety. But how can anxiety cause all the catarrh. I spoke to a chemist this morning and he was pretty sure I have an infection. I must admit I do panic when I get a new symptom and I've never had anything like this before,it's horrible! Have an appt with the nurse tomorrow so she can look at my throat and then we will see!

Has anyone else had anything like this?

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Love your title , Piggin anxiety , made me laugh as thats just what I say sometimes

I do have these kinds of problems as well as sinus infections & no explanation can be found & I am starting to wonder if I am going to have to accept that just maybe anxiety can cause this , even though I do find it a tough one when I feel so rough when I feel that way

Hopefully when you see the nurse tomorrow , she will tell you if its an infection & if not well , might be that it could be anxiety related

Have you tried steaming , that can help to clear everything

Let us no how you go on :)





Hi, yes I used to have that problem a lot with my throat being sore and catarrh I think I cannot breathe and will choke when I eat things. I found that the chewing gum Airwaves sometimes help due to the menthol. I've not eating dairy things as it can create catarrh. It didn't work I've always been like these very nasal, throaty and bad ears!!!!

Let me know if you discover anything I would love to hear xxxx


I'm the same.

Bad sinus problems for decades (I haven't been able to breathe through my left nostril for a couple of weeks now), loads of catarrh and over the last three years very waxy ears.

I read that waxy ears can be due to anxiety so most likely thick/blocked sinus too.


Really bramwell I didn't know that about the ears! I just got told I had glue ear. I remembering saying to the dr ' at my age' I thought only children got glue ear! X


Wow that's incredible that anxiety can cause these reactions. I have been under a lot of stress as well. My instinct is to try and relax as much as possible but as we all know its not always that easy but am going to try anyway to offset the stress I'm experiencing. Will keep you updated.


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