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Where did this anxiety come from?

Hi, I just googled 'where did my anxiety come from' and this site came up. It started for me about a month ago. It starts with muscle tension, dizziness and nausea. No warning signs and just hits me without notice. I try to manage it by pacing and generally trying to distract myself but I hate it and it scares me because I don't know why it's happening to me. It's happened in the school playground a few times, supermarket and at dinner in a restaurant. Today it was at home, I just had this horrible sense of dread that today lasted for a good hour and would have gone on longer had I not forced myself out of the house. Guys it terrifies me. I'm 42 with two young boys and I'm not myself. I've had a full blood test and everything is fine. Didn't check hormones so I figured it could be early menopause because I had fertility treatment? I just don't know what's wrong and that makes me worry when I'm not having an anxiety 'attack'.

I feel I've gone on too much but needed to just say how I'm feeling as I can't bear to tell anyone.

What to do

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Have u asked your doctor if early menopause can cause these symptoms? The more u worry the more worst it wilk be I know its hard but try to keep a positive thoughts and distract yourself



Welcome to the group , it seems a little quite at the moment but I am sure as members log on they will reply

You have to feel really proud of your achievement's at keeping your anxiety at bay for all this time & it can be quite common especially if you are not feeling yourself & suffer or have suffered with HA before for this to try & sneak in & trigger it of again

Don't feel bad because you had a little sneak on Google because you have recognized straight away that this is not good for HA sufferers & I am sure you wont bother looking again as you know Google never has the answers other than to scare us out of our wits

It could be hormonal & you are not to young to be starting the menopause , I would ask if you could have some tests done , there is a blood test they can do , it doesn't always show that you are in the menopause but sometimes it can pick it up

Speak with your doctor , let them know how you feel , tell then just how things are getting after all you have achieved & let them know you want some support now as you don't want to go back down that path again like before

Lots of us have experienced this & worked through it again , so I hope knowing you are not alone will help even if only in a small way x

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Hi Radha. We all experience anxiety in some ways during our lifetime.The trigger of something more intense could be anything, even a thought of anticipation for a special event.The symptoms you feel in your body are telling you that something is going differently than before and advise you that you`ve to think about it more in the deeper.Years ago I was having the sensation that my heart was beating too fast and connected to a sort of dizziness and sense of falling.Then I realized that it was me who was breathing more faster, feeling overwhelmed and having negative thoughts in my mind.I went for nearly 2 years to a yoga class and the teachers were fantastic ,they helped me to relax and to concentrate on my breath,we can control that if we are aware of it.Then I decided to follow a course of Counselling and then Psychology.At the mean time I am trying to keep me busy, I am nearly 45 and I can understand that when our children start to grow up they want to have their space and friends and we feel a bit cut out from family life.I suggest you to join a group,look at your interests and try to meet new people out of family environment.Recently I joined a reading club held in my local library discovering different books together ,but is also having a bit of time for a lovely chat, eventually the opportunity to organize a coffee morning together. We cannot be focused only on our home duties and feeling anxious if maybe we haven`t done everything perfectly.Also when children are growing up during adolescence is quite difficult to maintain rules you`ve taught to your children and that could be the trigger again because you`ve to try to convince them to follow your rules adopting another strategy.Every single event, every change, every experience of the past could be the trigger of our anxiety,we have to learn to cope and to manage such feeling because everyone of us is the only one who knows better personal sensations and feelings.Try to talk to a friend even by phone,try to see in internet if you can join a group.I am doing volunteering for example calling elderly people at home and shortly I will start to be friending a teenager affected by autism.It`s up to you really to see around your local area what you can do,I know that there are groups in the parks walking or running periodically or in libraries doing different initiatives(knitting, art craft,reading or writing groups,coffee morning,playing board games,gardening).It`s not important what you can produce in a group,but is important that you may feel more relaxed and able to accept yourself even having anxiety with you.Keep going dear ,try something new and try to talk with someone in a group or a friend, more you keep inside yourself, more you will suffer for your anxiety.Take care

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Hi Radha,

Just to say hello and welcome. I don't think I can add to DaisyMays excellent reply, except that I practice yoga regularly and go walking, exercise makes me feel good.

Hope you feel a little better, please visit your Doctor and explain how you feel, there is help out there.



Hi rad :-) hope your anxiety subsided a little. It is a very scary thing when it happens as all the symptoms are very real but it's our body fighting something...a fear....but as it's an irrational fear there's nothing to fight. Try playing some music when it happens ....plug some headphones in and just focus on the words of the song and sing along in your head....distraction won't always work you have to let it take you but as it's only anxiety won't actually harm you it will just feel like it will ...feel better and relaxed soon


Hi all

Thanks so much for the replies. Its so reassuring and comforting to read them. I'm going to get my hormones tested to see if its related to that. I can't believe that the GP tested everything except for my hormones but hey...

I'm feeling fine today. Its something I'm going to keep an eye on.

With love and thanks


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Radha,it's a battle of wills at times,when you do not know what is going on inside you it can be terrifying!, I have had some horrendous attacks but am still here!,life is hard nowadays & we carry many fears within ourselves and when panic strikes those fears become more life-like!,so learning how to cope is a learning process in its self,you will overcome these feelings as you learn more on how to feel better & maintain the calm that you need in your life!,stick with it & hold on tight for it can be a bumpy road but it's a road full of us,together!, peace & happiness to you,X.


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