Anxiety ruins everything

Sorry to start off on such a bad note, but I'm 17 years of age, going into my Senior year this year as the class president and part of two other clubs while being fully enrolled in all college courses. If my anxiety had any great time to act up, it would be now. I've had countless sleepless nights because of the usual lack of breath since I was small, and that's nothing new to me. But what has been happening since two years ago are these frequent pressure headaches. They suck, they really do. And because I didn't know what they were, they made me even more anxious. Now that I've finally begun to just live with the pain in my head and chest, I have run across a new dilemma. I have this weird constant wooziness, no matter what I do. I feel like tiny black out moments often and these symptoms prohibit me from being able to perform daily tasks how I'd like to. I feel sluggish and dizzy and just plain done with the day. I'd really like to enjoy my life again and I have so much life ahead of me. I will take any help I can get. It doesn't help that I'm a "hypochondriac", however, and suffer from paranoia and minor mental trauma. Please share with me what you think about all of this!!


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  • Also, I might add, I already have really crappy vision (hopefully getting that taken care of soon), but my eyes will randomly blur even worse then go back to normal in a second. It's the strangest thing. And most annoying thing.

  • Have you been diagnosed with anxiety ?

  • Nope, it's just genetic from my dads side.

  • Maybe you should go to the doctor and tell them all your symptoms so they can rule out everything. So you know for sure its anxiety .

  • Have your parents take you to doctor to see if you really do have anxiety disorder. You could also be taking on too much and all that stress could be causing your headache. Good luck. Relax and enjoy your senior year.

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