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Help so frightened

Hello.I'm so scared please help.I've had such a bad day today at work and feel I'm doing awful.I don't think I done well as the staff had to point a few obvious things as was in room on own and the staff had to point a few obvious things out such as there should be an activity secondly I couldn't lock the gate properly when coming out thirdly I feel like I'm not doing well because there's two of us who are new and I'm still on probation so have to be near by someone and cant be left alone and she can she started when I did.lastly tommorow I'm going to have to have one big group tommorow for group time and dong think I'm capable I'm so scared

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It's easy to let stress get the best of you everything is going to be alright just give 100% at your job and everything should turn out alright if there are things you don't know or don't think your capable of don't be afraid to ask for questions or help in the workplace especially if your new chances are you'll learn something new and feel more comfortable at work


Thankyou for your reply.omg I'm apsoloutely rubbish


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