geting wound up worring about tomorrow i have now come to the stage where i am too scared to be on my own i cant handle these dizzy turns i am sure i am going to faint i dont get fast heartbeat or gasping for breath too scared to stay in and too scared to go out my partner goes to work tomorrow so i have to go to my sisters at 6 am and sit there until she goes to work at 11am and then she will hand me over to some friends at local cafe and my partner will pick me up from there i feel like i am going MAD these dizzy spells last for about 20 mins then when they subside i feel like i have been on a journey to another planet or like i have been hit on head with hammer also the pressure in my ears becomes unbearable like they are going to burst anyone feel the same x


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  • HI, i hate being left alone at anytime now and it makes me feel like a child that needs a babysitter. you really need to go and see your doctor about the head pressure. are you on any meds?

  • hi sam not on any meds tried citralapam 8 weeks ago had serotoning syndrome really scary could hardly move my jaw too scared to try any thing else do you not get pressure in ears x

  • Hi Mio1,

    I ve done some research on google and found out that you can still take meds even with serotonin example is mirtazipane.Usually prescribed by gp as s awful what you are going through.i was like you till 10 days ago scared and panicked to be in bymyself(my partner at work) ans frightened to go needs medical help.i m sure gp knows exactly what you need if you have serotonin syndrome.hugs

  • Hope you re doing ok today.thinking of you

  • Hi milo1 I am experiencing the same at the moment, yesterday and today especially I have felt like I'm gasping for air to breath :( I feel dizzy and my fear of fainting is really strong at moment! I find these symptoms really effect my eyes, I too have walked round the last two days like in on another planet, felt very strange! X

  • I get similar feelings and get convinced Im having a heart attack, my husband has registered as a carer for me now to enable him to stay off work or I have had to call him from work a few times cause Im affraid of collapsing while Im alone in the house with my babies, Im not so bad when my 8 and 7 year old are here because I know they could dial 999 or go get a neighbour they are really sensible and I feel awfull thinking of my 7 and 8 year old as some kind of security

  • hi simonjc are you on any meds how long have you suffered like this d you have good days or do you always have to have someone with you x

  • Hi love I do get good days, I have been having panick attacks for four years and I have just changed from sertraline to fluoxidine

  • do you sleep well because without sleep anxiety is ten times worse ifeel for you i hope your new meds work soon are you taking vit b6 and omega 3 they really do help have you had any therapy x

  • HI milo I normally love my sleep but we have 4 children 1 of which is a 5 month old , he is pretty good to be fair, he rarely wakes more than once through the night but hes got a cleft palate wich is going to be operated on next week + the doc thinks I have pnd too and Im having a lot of trouble off who I thought was my friend

  • hi simonjc how are you feeling my friends child was born with cleft palate after a few ops he was fine he now plays rugby for local under eight team s dont worry there what do you think caused your anxiety to start do you know thinking of you x

  • hi train 80 got mirtazipine from doc still too scared too take them going to give it a few more days thanks for info x

  • Hi the thought of death scares the hell out of me and because I have had a lot of family die, I think its affected me.

  • are you in good health other than your anxiety i too am frightened of death but we have to live life first what has been the problem with your family health wise my brother died when he was just 38 a massive heart attack he was a super fit person never went to doctor the post mortem reavealed he must have had a problem for years now sometimes i think i have a problem with my heart when i get anxious x

  • my mum died when I was 20 , I had a half brother who died @ 5 weeks old and the post mortem was inconclusive, when I was going to visit his grave that was when they started I was convinced I was having a heart attack and ended up in a+e .

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