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My therapist told me about this app for my smart phone, thought I'd share as it seems helpful already and I've only just started exploring it, i used it this morning in my car so i was able to go into the Shopping Centre, it did help,, also has meditation, alternative thoughts to choose from and more, so here's to shifting gears, Cheers and much blessings. I hope this helps!!


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12 Replies

  • I did the tension/relaxation exercise tonight and it really saved me! Thanks for the suggestion

  • That's great, I'm really glad it helped you

  • Please could you tell me the full name of the app as I checked and a few came up at differing prices. Many thanks.

  • Sure,,, Mindshift,, creativeB'stro

  • Turquoise blue app with a white outline of a light bulb, hope that helps. Enjoy!

  • What is the app called thanks

  • Found it thanks

  • What is the app called for iphone

  • Mindshift!! the image of the app is of a white outline of a light bulb and blue background. Let me know what you think and if it helps, I'm finding it good. Hope it helps. Cheers

  • Found it thanks

  • Thank you for this, downloading it now

  • Your very welcome, anything that can help and relieve the pain, i hope it helps you. hugs!!

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