Probably a stupid question

I noticed sometimes when I do some type of activity that requires me to breathe heavily like run up the stairs or quick run to the bus I then immediately feel very weak like just as if I was just about to feel faint but don't. Obvs anxiety is telling me it's my heart. But I had tests done and all and I'm trying to find a logical reason. I usually don't eat much in the day and not drink a lot but today I ran up the stairs and it happened but I had a bit of dinner. Then a sandwich then beans on toast then a banana. I had quite a bit of water too. I'm not big I'm quite skinny and I never exercise. So could it just been coz I still didn't eat. As much? Maybe what I ate today is still not enough for me? Or could it be the lack of exercise in my life?


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  • I think it could be a lot of things. It could be that you're out of shape. I am myself and feel that way. Im not overweight either. You can still be out of shape. You may also be anxious because your thinking about every body sensation. I do that. I have health anxiety and it's horrible. I also have asthma and feel short of breath from it at times. It's really hard to tell what it is. I would just maybe try to be active more and see if you begin to feel better by bring more active. I also get really tired and feel weak when I'm anemic. They can check your "iron stores" to see if you may need more iron or try to eat more iron rich foods. Just some thoughts. I hope it gets better for you :)

  • I have health anxiety too! And also iron deficiency. Last time my iron was good but that was in June so who knows maybe it's gone down a bit again!

  • Angiecis22, it's more likely (because I do this myself) that you are holding your breath when doing these active movements. You don't mean to, it happens automatically because we are anxious. Food and hydration are important but in your case even after eating and drinking water you felt like this, I would say it's the latter causing it.

  • Yeah that would make sense. I hate breathing heavily In case my chest gets tight or I start feeling breathless

  • Hi Agora1. I'm wondering if that's what I do when talking. My heart will start pounding when I'm talking to someone, or on the ☎ phone. My anxiety thing is my heartbeat. Ruby🌹

  • rubyred777, it took me a long time to figure that out. For me it was more getting lightheaded enough to want to hang up or walk away from talking with someone. I would get so excited about conversing with someone that I'd catch myself holding my breath. My head would get full, my heart would skip beats. I realized also that I needed to relax and catch my breath, let the other people talk. Don't feel that you have to carry on the conversation. I avoided the phone and interacting for a long time. Now it's not a problem.

    It might not be the same for you Ruby, but it's just a thought. Take care. x

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