Body pounding

I get body pounding all the time. I feel my pulse all over my body. I have done so many tests but all came normal. Sometimes i feel i'm in another planet all alone. I get scared of dying all the time. Head pressure,stomache palpitation and derealization are make life unpleasant for me. I dont know what i can do to stop all these symptoms. Right now i have stop all medications. Just dont know what to do again.Any advise will be welcome pls.


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7 Replies

  • Yes I feel this body pounding too my body moves to the beat of my heart and I can feel it. I have DP/DR too foggy cloudy feeling in the head and vibrating jittery feelings all over its very uncomfortable. I read a book called dare by Barry mcdonagh  which helped a lot but seems it's all coming back now I think I might re-read it. Try meditTion, relaxing music and exercise or distraction.

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Thanks for your response,at least i don't feel alone. Pls how long did it go away before it came back again.

  • Well I was feeling better and going on an upward slope of improvement for a good month then a set back then I was better again for 2 weeks and now I'm in a setback again, the book explains that you will go through setbacks during recovery and you may feel even worse when they hit but if you continue to follow the methods in the book you can come to full recovery however it's a long road and I have little patience lol especially for these setbacks. 

  • You will get there soon. I just wish i can even have a day of recovery. If i can get a month just like u,it is going to be the happest moment of my life. I will go and find the book. I wish u the best. Thanks

  • Thank you too and good luck :)

  • Yes!!!  It's freaky, isn't it??

  • Yes it is. It makes me very uncomfortable.

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