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I am Back

Hi to everyone

I have not posted for a while as I had to have a nose operation to help me breathe properly and have just spent a few days in our Local Hospital due to a bowel blockage. I have been seeing my Mental Health Consultant and about 2 weeks ago he prescribed Lithium 400mg to take with 50mg Seroxat, 45mg Mirtazapine, 5mg Diazapam and 40mg Propronol. The Lithium has really helped me and we had a week away with our caravan and I went shopping every day. Even my Husband was so proud of me so fingers crossed I have the right combinaton of drugs to help me.

I still feel a little shakey after coming out of Hospital but my Husband has gone fishing while I rest.

I hope that everyone in this Group are managing as well as myself. Take care and have a good Sunday.


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Sorry to hear about you stay in hospital,but it's great news that you feeling so much better now that your meds have been sorted.

Enjoy your holiday .

Take care xx


Hi sundays child glad to see you are getting the help you need hope.i works for you ! I cant stress highly enough that a good support network will help you get better as my wife of 27 years has been a there when i need it ! I wish you well take care david


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