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Racing heart

I just got a scary phone call from my doctor. I have been experiencing my heart racing at times and I had had a doctors appt last week and my heart rate was 122 when I got in the office.

They were concerned so the put a monitor on me for 24 hrs that day. By the way my blood pressure was fine and usually is.

Anyway my doctor called me today and said that my heart rate got over 200 while I had the monitor on and during the night when I was sleeping it was in the 90's.

She prescribed me a beta blocker right away told me to take one. And got me a appt for a cardiologist tomorrow.

I am freaking out, scared to death of what could be wrong with me. She wants me to come in the morning to do more blood tests. She is going to check my thyroid too.

Any info would help if anyone knows anything about this. I'm really worried


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Sorry to hear about this. Inknow its easier said than done but try and tell yourself there is no benefit in worrying. You may aswell relax and take ur medication. The drwould not have let u go home if they were worried for ur life or anything. So just wait for further help and maybe try relaxation techniques for ur worrying xx


I've had a condition called SVT (Super-Ventricular Tachycardia) for 30 years. It's basically the heart racing spectacularly fast but, unlike ordinary palpitations, it's absolutely on rhythm. It wasn't taken seriously for around 10 years but eventually it was diagnosed and I was offered 'Ablation' which is a cauterising procedure of the area causing the issue.

Although this is a straightforward little op performed under local anaesthetic, being a wimp at the time, I declined it. But after a few more hospital admissions, I saw a different consultant who, after a week's monitoring, confirmed the SVT and told me there is an effective medication which I could try..

I had the prescription made up and took one...........that was 20 years ago and I have never had another attack since that day.

Obviously you may have a different condition but this is to illustrate how wrong we can be in thinking the worst. I really thought I had a serious heart problem but was told that even without treatment the condition would never be more than scary and inconvenient.

For most symptoms there will be a whole host of explanations ; most of them innocent, but whatever the case it will be dealt with effectively.

Hope you get it sorted soon. Best wishes, Cat x


I agree with Cat3. I also have SVT, and have had it for nearly 20 years. It is quite scary but it is not life-threatening they can be controlled with medication or ablation,speak to your cardiologist about it.


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