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Fast heart rate and Shaky Inside


Fast heart rate and shaky feelings? My wife has been experiencing fast heart rates from high 90's to 130 and its often accompanied by shaky feelings. She has been to the ER , cardiologists and regular doctor and has had ekg's, stress test, and full blood work and tests with no results. We think it might be her anxiety but we are really at whits end and she is just suffering so much. Any help or advice would be highly appreciated and welcomed.

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If she has a good local therapist, that is beneficial. for the symptoms, a very old remedy is hot weak sweet tea. watching YouTube videos on breathing, and EFT might help. how come she didn't Reach out for support , herself? Is she ok?

Thank you for the reply we will look into those and see if they help. she has been to therapists off and on over the years and we just talked about her seeing someone again today so I am sure she will pursue that.

The reason I am asking is purely as a concerned husband and yes she is ok just anxious and nervous to try and figure out why she feels the way she does.

Every test has been normal? Hmm ...if so , yeah it might be anxiety...test for other things like Lyme. (I doubt that it’s that , but wanna check everything ya know?) also , maybe she’s deficient in something like electrolyte imbalance ? Or some vitamin.

The blessing is that most things have been ruled out I’m guessing but I get it, she wants relief as do you , for your wife . So, for me I’ve had experiences ,not to that point , but I’ve had panicky feelings from electrolyte imbalance and was deficient in certain vitamins...I did the whole vegan diet thing incorrectly and messed me up for a while.

But in her case, might be anxiety ...but rule out any vitamin deficiencies .

For anxiety , I’ve had herbal teas help me and CBT therapy which I’m getting again. Also, meditation, better diet ...morning walks. Yoga, and journaling my thoughts daily and prayer.

Thank you for replying. We just did Lyme testing which came back negative as well as MS. The only thing they have found is re-activated EBV and a vitamin D deficiency. For now we will continue on with trying to clean up the diet and get the vitamin D up again. Thank you again for your help.

Oh no problem! I know you’re concerned for your wife. I definitely am more caring of my diet. Having the right nutrients is so important. I’m not too panicky , other than my dreams:/ but that can be worked out with CBT therapy lol.

Back to the topic at hand :yes! I’m so glad you’ve tested everything and are supplementing with whatever vitamins your wife needs! That’s great. Hmmm EBV??

Epstein Barr Virus otherwise known as mono.

Oh ok. Ah I had only heard of it being called Mono. Ok, now i know the other name for it. Well, again i am glad that you and your wife have some answers to go by. Hope she’s doing well💚

Hi Griffinpower,

I just stumbled on your post.

Sorry to hear about your wife going through that.

It can be tough. I am also experiencing the same symptoms. I get this shaky feeling and twitches all over my muscle with pulsating beats. At times I feel my heart beat in my head, neck, hands and stomach.

I've been told its probably anxiety, but no clinical diagnosis yet.

I was also tested for vitamin deficiency in May so I've been taking the supplements.

Although I still have some of these symptoms (listed out in my previous posts) but the constant weakness subsided and now comes once in a whole and probably during hormonal changes, which I've estimated to 3/4 weeks in a month.😭😭

I was told it will take a while for the Vitamin D to be completely effective but it kicks in after 2 weeks.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much. its helpful to hear that people can share their experiences together. We are going to plug along and hopefully it subsides soon.

Sure no worries at all. Together we are stronger! Please do keep us posted and we will keep the Faith alive!


After years of suffering and dr visits nothing was found until I had a ct scan for something unrelated. Turns out I have benign tumors on my adrenal gland that cause my glands to over secrete adrenalin and other anxiety and blood pressure stimulating hormones. There are other places in your body to explore. Good luck.

Her last CT said her adrenals were good with no issues. I hope you are able to get yours under control and feel better and thats great they found the issue for you! :)

It's nice to see you reach out for your wife. You got a lot of suggestions and sounds like you've looked into it all. So there's been a good workup.

Is she keeping hydrated and all that? And I assume they checked the thyroid?

I hope you get to the bottom of it soon and that she starts to feel better.

Thank you so much for the reply. She stays super hydrated and has a good thyroid level.

You need to get her tested for hyperthyroidism. I have Graves disease the most common form of hyperthyroidism and those two symptoms are classic.


Did she have thyroid checked not only TSH but T3 and T4 levels?

Griffinpower in reply to KevJenn

TSH and T4 I know for sure were tested have to look at to see if the t3 was tested.

Could it be menapause

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