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Constant racing/fluttering heart


Hi I have been lurking on here a few days now and find it v reassuring to know that others have had the same symptoms as me and it is all caused by anxiety.

BUT (there is always a but)... since I started trying to believe that it is all in my head, or at least created by my head, I have been feeling calmer but my heart pattern has changed again.

I was getting big missed beats, very scary, and then long periods of what I guess are palpitations, ie heart seeming to judder instead of beating clearly. My counsellor says this is my body rebalancing.

But since I started trying to believe this and calm down, my heart is just constant flutter flutter. I mean when I had the heart monitor last week, I was getting it every hour or so. But now it is all the time?

Can it be that I am getting better and this is my heart/nervous systems balancing out... ie another phase as my body tries to recover from all my stress?

Has anyone else experienced this? I just feel as if I have had a giant espresso... *all the time.* My concentration at work is completely shot, although I can concentrate fine on the things I love ie my hobby of writing. (PS I haven;t had caffeine for about 5 months so I don't think it's that!)

Thanks for any ideas or support.

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I would think it is probably your body readjusting as your counsellor has said. apparently palpitations can be triggered by many things, some unknown, but certainly anxiety. They are harmless, I don't know what to suggest rather than to try and just ride them out, try and divert your mind elsewhere. I sometimes have palpitations and the fluttering, but for some reason it doesn't bother me, apparently we all get them but some people just don't notice them. I only notice mine if I am still and quiet. You are halfway there now you realise that it is mostly created by our own minds! keep telling yourself it will pass, it is just a phase your body is going through at the moment.

Thanks for both your replies. Why the cough? I get the urge to cough when it is happening anyway. Just curious.

Thanks again.

Thanks. I will try this. I have 2 weeks before my heart monitor results come back, so I need ways to stay calm and not go back to thinking it is a heart attack/weak heart, etc etc etc.

Ah you sound just like me love i was terrible my heart would flutter all the time and had ecg bloods done and a 24 hr monitor mine came back with a slight ectooic but my gp tol me it isnt dangerous and alot of people get it but when my heart flutters it feels strange and chest pains but since coming on here and talking to people you realise it is your anxiety and you mind telling you something is up but we all get the same and i have been better for last few days having more good than bad and trying to keep busy keep blogging people on here are so good and will support you:) xxxxx

Thanks for this sheffield! I had a week long heart monitor, last week. It was funny really, they had told me to press a button whenever I felt the symptom but I felt like I couldn't keep on and on pressing it because it really was constant on some days. Still fingers crossed it comes back as you say, 'only' anxiety.

I have never been diagnosed with anxiety by the way. My doctor says stress, my counsellor says (!) PTSD. But I have been anxious all my life and it is comforting to know that I am not the only person in the world who worries about absolutely everything. I think if this heart thing comes back OK I will go back to the doc and try to get some kind of actual diagnosis ie anxiety. Then I can move on. until then, the heart thing is truly distracting so I have to keep writing writing (fanfic, Sherlock is my current big thing!) and not thinking about it all.

And if anyone is interested I can PM you the link to my silly Sherlock stories, might give you a laugh if you need a smile (esp for any Benedict fans out there...)


Hey! I know exactly where youre coming from. I get missed beats/flutters and they terrify me. Ive been told by soooo many drs im fine though. I was getting awful chest and arm pains too but my results were all fine so I have to tell myself its anxiety. I am such a hyperchondriac i always think I have something really serious. Ive lost weight recently and I have pain where my last rib is in my back if I push there, and then yesterday i had a real strong bang on the right side of my head literally thought I was going to die. Ive got myself so worked up n convinced im dying. My mum puts it in perspective tho and says ive caused myself so much stress over this heart thing thats y all the other things are happening my body is in overdrive. Is a vicious circle. Try not to worry lots of us have the same heart symptoms and they wont harm u xxx


Iv separated from my wife and have had a tough year but have managed fine, kept busy at work etc. About a month ago my heart started irregular beating, worst evening/night, its realy unnerving, doc did Ecg which was ok, he suggested a heart monitor, but as a had no chest pain he was not worried.

But I am! Can your nervous condition cause ireguguar heart missing then putting extra beats in?

Happens all the time to me, been happening for 30 years, happening now. Ive never heard of a ' body readjustment.'

I hear anxiety, stress, panic disorder yada yada yada. Im 56 an still dealing with the crap that happened when i was 25.

If all the tests say your ok, find some way to deal with it. Medication, reduce stressors, elimanate all caffeine including chocolate and sodas even decaf has caffiene.good luck, try not to let it steal your life.

Go on my posts I have one called 'heart' you sound like me a little bit with the flutters I have another post the post before the 'heart' post

I've had this problem for about a year now and everytime they listen to my heart they say they can't hear or notice anything. What can I do now?

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