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Convinced I have a heart problem

Hi, 6 months ago my Aunt passed away from heart failure and since then I'm convinced something is wrong with my heart. I have had numerous ECGs, a stress test and 2 chest X-Ray's where nothing was found and plenty of docs have listened with stethoscope. So why am I getting the chest pains, the arm pains, the jaw pains and shortness of breath so much... I tell doctors my symptoms but they revert back to the negative test results and say it's not my heart.

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I get nausea and dizziness as well. I'm on paroxetine and lyrica for 3 years after having depression, the docs have just increased both. I had diazepam for maybe 4 months but you are not able to be on it long term.


Hi Annie! I hope you're better now!

I know exactly what you are talking about. I've been there...

Back in 2009, I was convinced I had any heart problem. I was always thinking I was having a stroke, or a heart attack. I feel the same symptoms until today. I did all the possible tests. The doctors investigated my thyroid and suprarenal and even my kidneys trying to find a reason of my high blood pressure. The results: nothing!

They asked me to look for a psychiatric and so I did. I started taking clonazepan and all my symptoms just decreased a lot.

So, as your results showed and your doctor said: you don't have any heart problem.

You need to treat your anxiety. It brings you all these symptoms.

Ask the doctors about doing exercises. Try some running sessions. It's great for your mental health and for you heart system.

All the best!!!

Mário. (Sorry about my english:/)


Hi Annie, I know what your talking about my Husbands Niece passed away in August due to a blood clot that went through her lungs she was only 23 years old. I thought I was fine with everything but the night of her funeral I was eating a piece of chicken and I had bad heart populations, feeling like I am about to have a huge heart attack no breath dizzy in and out of body experience coming and going. Now I have an obsession with my veins i look at them at least every 5min, thinking I have a blood clot in my hands its making me crazy......... But I have PTSD Anxiety and depression. it feels like I have to run to the DR as soon as I have a pain a headache cramp or winds for that matter. I have learned to cope with this in some way I have my bad days and my good days.

You need to learn how to control this and don't be afraid of it because if you show your mind you are afraid it will overpower you and you will have this feeling the hole time.

please do yourself a favor and think about it all how you feel and write it down (all your feelings all your fear at that moment) burn the paper don't walk away see how it burns and tell yourself that all of that is now gone drink B12 supplements and folic acid I have a drink 3 times a day that is ''1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon ginger and one tablespoon lemon juice in glass (if your not allergic to any of the ingredients) it is not nice but it calms my body and mind'' drink allot of water and try to let your shoulders down.

I also need to go see a psychiatric regarding the trauma I need to process and I do hope this works.

I am not a Dr saying this will work for you but I have searched allot and read allot about all this and I am trying everything I can just to feel better.

I do hope you feel better soon and that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that you are not alone there is so many of us dealing with this every day.

May you have a blessed day/evening


Thank you Mariobrazil and Pikkie-wyn. All of what you said makes sense.

I am pleased you are getting relief from your symptoms.

It feels like a struggle to breathe, I used to breathe without thinking about it like everyone else...


I have been having chest pains and nausea on and off for months,usually with activity. I some numerous doctors and went to the local Hospital on several occasions. I have schizophrenia and I was basically told it was all in my head. This went on for months until I confided in my psychiatrist. He called and asked that I be seen by a cardiologist. I took my twin brother as back up and a witness. After describing my symptoms he told me immediately that I had angina. I had an angiogram which confirmed heart disease. At the time they decided it could be controlled with maximum medication therapy. Needless to say, this didn't work and I have an angioplasty this coming January. My psychiatrist told me that hospitals and doctors don't care. We are at the end of the day just a number. We don't pay for the NHS in my country(Scotland) I have lived with schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, psychosis for many years. If you are having symptoms then demand they be investigated and don't take no for an answer. I also passed 2 treadmill tests and on the third I was told to stop after 3 mins. Heart disease is a progressive illness and if you are unable to do as much as you used to, or if impacts on your life. Then demand to see a heart specialist ASAP


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