Heart beating so fast

I'm just sitting here eating my lunch watching Netflix on my break at work and I just feel like my heart is racing. As if I just got done running, I know people with anxiety tend to think there is also something wrong with there heart from this or chest pains all brought on by anxiety BUT it still freaks me the hell out. 😞 I hate this so much.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Kayleealice, That is where my anxiety strikes also. My heartbeat...We all have our weak spot, where the anxiety knows to strike. I will be sitting in the Drs. office, telling him my heart is beating wildly. He listens, and says it sounds fine! My hubby says he never feels his heartbeat. I'll be like, "No way"! Must be nice. Ruby🌹

  • Man who are you telling I deff feel you right now,

    I myself also am watching Netflix with mild anxiety because I am having some sort of heart burn. And anything that happens regarding that area of my body instantly freaks me out and makes me instantly think something is wrong

    But we just have to remember it's all in our heads and it's all fear just try and let go, and try to focus on whatever you're watching to take your mind off of the stress. I hope you feel better ❤️

  • I am feeling your pain right now. I will be sat chilling out and my heart just flies off on one. 140 bpm sometimes. I hate it. Definitely my anxiety weak spot. It first happened when I was 11yrs old and I am 57 now :( I know its not real , but sure as heck hate it. People say , it only lasts a few minutes, but I have had mine last over a few hours :(((

  • Exactly what the other guy said

    Focus on trying to make your heart beat slower and breath deeply to yourself and meditate

    Also talk to your doctor and get a checkup

    If everything comes back fine then you are okay and have nothing to worry about

  • The more you dwell on listening to your heart beat the faster it will beat. Have you ever attempted to turn that experience on its head by focusing your mind on telling your heart to beat slower or not to be plagued by it in the first instance? Reverse psychology.

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