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Fear of sleeping

Since Monday of my aunties funeral and seeing her cold lifeless body in her casket I am abseloutly terrified of going to sleep, I'm still in shock . I feel like abseloute crap, my head feels funny, I think I'm going to die in my sleep, I can't concentrate on anything!!! Please has someone got any advice I'm 19 and abseloutely terrified, I finally got to sleep this morning and woke up a few hours later because I had a nightmare and I kept seeing my aunties face all cold and strange. Please can anyone give advice? I'm desperate x

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hi ellis i just join this community now because i suufer bad from your symptomps i also just post my questions about anxtiey because death of my father and start to to have panic attacks fear its just anxiety i think also ask what it is let just see what people think about it but i know your symptomps also related to anxiety .

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It's like my anxietys took a bad turn because of the funeral, it's like it's traumTized me x


I think that most cases of Insomnia are due to a fear if death, although the medical profession would disagree with me.

I'm sure it is my own problem.

Then I tell myself that when you are dead you know nothing and you feel nothing.

I had spinal surgery 24 years ago and afterwRds, the ventricles in my brain collapsed....I knew absolutely nothing at's living we should be afraid of, not death...and the living, not the dead, they can do us no harm.

It's a pity you viewed the body...I never would, you are probably like me, have too much imagination.

You need to take your mind off the event, you are only 19...I'm 74 to somebody who cares about you, it's a universal fear......your not the only one my dear, I've had my three score years and scary is that ???

Make the most of what you've hobby....boyfriend...girl friend.....surprise a happy....hug.


Thankyou very much xx


Hi, i felt like that after I came back from Iraq.I slept with bedside light on for few helped me.When I used to see dead people, the last view of their face often stuck in my head for hours afterwards.If you can try and keep bust, distraction can help this.I think alot of anxiety issues are due to inner built up tension, which can be broken down if tackled properly, but we all know getting the inspiration and motivation is hard. I'm stuck in one of the ruts at mo, where I know exercise would help break the cycle, but haven't the motivation.It will take some time to get over this, especially as its a person close to you in life. Because no doubt you are constantly thinking about her, it's on your mind 24/7.So interfering with you sleep. I don't have any experience of bereavement, I'm happy to say, about the only thing I haven't!! Don't expect things to change overnight, but you will have to let go at sometime or the situation will eat away at you so you become ill.I hope you get better, take care xx

ps.these aroma devices are great for falling asleep...some lavender oil inside.the white noise helps to drop off asleep..mine is always on!!


my condolences :/ i know what you are going through :/ im 25 and i still see my grandmother and grandfather in their caskets but you know what she was your family why be afraid of family. Look at it in the positive side your family loves you and they will always protect you no matter what so do not fear for what you saw it is normal she is already in a better place :) what you saw was a shell she is frolicing around in a happy place. As for your sleep deprivation i suggest this i dont try this alot since i get stomach pains when i try honey >.< but try a spoon of honey in warm milk stir and drink up, the honey has natural sleep aids and warm milk as well :) plenty of ways to help you fall asleep. i used to take a natural herbal calming pill it is not drugs or anything all herbs they sell it in the pharmacy in the vitamin section used to have me snoozing in 20 minutes or so i just cant remember the name ill ask my mom and ill let you know. dont give up on trying to sleep because we are human and sleepy time is good for us :D let me know if you want the name of the pill ok :) best of luck.


Thankyou everyone I appreciate it, I've been referred to a therapist because I've already got PTSD from the trauma I suffered as a child/adolescence but the wait could be weeks to going to try kalms and see if they help me xx


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