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Fear of sleep?!!!


Hi, I'm scared to sleep! In Jan this year my boyfriend went on holiday and I stayed at home for the week, halfway through the week I thought 'imagine if I died before he got back' that thought stayed! Now I'm constantly in a state of complete worry. My boyfriend doesn't recognise me anymore... We are on the verge of breaking up because I'm constantly around him like its my last half an hour of like, please help me X

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Hi Shantelle, sorry to hear about your anxiety. Its not nice, i know. Not too familiar with the one you describe here though. Death has never scared me...i always feel a sense of peace when I've imagined death.

what is it that worries you exactly? X

It feels like when I go to sleep I'm scared I won't wake up! I want to do a lot with my life but it's hard when your always scared of stuff, I'm scared of sleeping, being out on my own, having a headache etc... It's unbearable I just want to be normal X

Well you could look at it two simple ways for a moment...you could force yourself to stay up...and that will just make you tired,and unable to do all of those things well that you want to do.

and hypothetically, lets say the worse happened when you did sleep...what will you think then? Well...you wouldn't think. It just is what it is.

when those thoughts creep in, what do you do? X

I try to do things that take my mind off it but sometimes it's too much and I just sit there and panic or il search people who have the same symptoms as me and I sort of realise it's just in my head... I really fear death at my age though X

Lol...scared, not sacred x

I do remember once upon time when I was younger, having a fear of death etc. And how pre-occupied i could become with these thoughts.

I've just been having a google, type in 'how not to be sacred of death'...hopefully you will see the same as me, the top one ending with 'wikihow'.

Really give it your best effort.

Let your boyfriend know your trying, and that you just need some time...

Good Luck.

Keep me updated.

You can overcome this xxx

thank you so much for all your help i will have a look now! i will keep you updated too thanks so much xxx

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