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All tests and still no better

I've had debilitating anxiety every day now for 6 months. I've got to the point where I ring an ambulance every time I have a racing heart and I'm thinking I have a heart condition. I went into hospital for a planned admission where I had a echocardiogram, a treadmill test, and a 5 day monitor. I also had a full abdominal ultrasound a short synacthen test (measures cortisol response ) and urine collection. Everything came back normal. But I still have attacks I tried cutting myself and it got me nowhere just allot of blood on my carpet :(. I don't know if anyone suffers from this and has tips to manage my racing heart and palpitations as it's driving me to suicide. X

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I have that! I am 67 years old and have lived with it for 40 years,when i have an attack i am ready to phone an ambulance because i think i,m going to have a heart attack, it feels so real and at the time i cannot accept its panic and anxiety. I cannot advise you, i just wait for it to end, i just wanted to tell you that you are not alone!


I deal with the exact same things. I just wnant to give up! Living with it for about ten years now and on and off it gets worse. Its terrifying. Wish i could say it gets better but i havent had much luck. Some things i have over come but others stay the same and i am completely at loss of what to do. Wish i could help. Letting you know your not alone also!


This is so familiar. All my tests came back clear. Heart monitor ecg etc etc. My go was dismissive and said my fast heart and palpitations were 'just stress'. I found a counsellor privately and ended up having a year of EMRD therapy and this made me well again. I still have occasional attacks after work stress but it is manageable if horrid. My therapist said that continuing sessions for several years was not unusual in cases like this where you need to find the source of your worry.

I really recommend therapy. I paid for mine after finding one I trusted via my work's health plan, but they are on nhs too.

My therapist helped me accept that it is anxiety and not heart problems etc.

If you feel really desperate during an attack do ring the Samaritans. They have lots of experience and can help.


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Hi. How are you feeling this morning? Are you going to phn your GP today?. Ask for an emergency appointment or if possible have your GP come out to you. You clearly need something to help you relax. Did the hospital do a referral for you to see someone at your local Mental Health Team? If not, think about it and discuss it with your GP.

I've had years of experience with anxiety/GAD and it took me into my 17th year with it for me to accept proper mental health help/treatment. Before, me and my Doc knocked along with the usual run of the mill, antidepressants. It took 2 serious episodes in a row, just this year, for me to accept that going down the Mental Health route was the only way I was going to get anywhere.

Let me know how you're doing. It's good to blether, when you feel up to it.


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