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A reason to get better


When my wife died back in January this year everything seemed empty and pointless. I even thought about going to join her as it seemed too hard to carry on.

However it does get better all be it slowly. I have had excellent support from Cruse Bereavement Care, without which I am not sure I would have got to where I am now. However another reason to carry on are the two little guys I have attached. My two little Chi Tzus or however you spell it. They brighten the dark days and make the good days even better. I hope you too can see why I feel the way I do about these two little guys.

They are three and a half now but still as cute.

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Very cute indeed, dogs are great company

So sorry to here about your wife and glad your getting the support you need. And the puppies are sooo cute.

Hi laverdasf1000, Chicago here....I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you on for a while unless I missed the post. I love the picture you enclosed of your "furry friends". It is amazing the power they have to make as feel loved. They are precious.

I hope you are keeping busy and getting out. It's important for your mental state. Wishing you a good evening, Take care of yourself... :)

laverdasf1000 in reply to Agora1

Hi there, Sorry I have not sent you a post. I have been exchanging messages with RachieW and haven't posted any open ones for a while.

Yes, those dogs have done a lot for me and I am very grateful although they don't understand of course.

I have joined a local amateur radio club something I have been interested in for many years.

I will start my training at the hospital radio next week. I have today had my last one to one counselling with Cruse Bereavement Care. That in itself is a major milestone in my journey through the grief and hopefully things will continue to get better.

I have also joined a running group at a local church, I am struggling a bit with the running but the lady vicars are very nice and I find the church so tranquil.

I am not particularly religious but do feel something special is in that church.

Our weather is about to change back to being very hot so I am not looking forward to that.

Oh well best go take care, I will catch you again soon.

Regards, laverdasf

laverdasf1000 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1, I hope you are ok and your anxiety issues are not causing you too many problems.

i have been sending a number of messages to RachieW she had some issues last night and I tried my best to help her through them.

I am not a doctor or medically qualified in any way. We are however all human beings and can offer support and help through this website.

I guess it's warm in Chicago, it is very warm tonight and sleeping may be an issue. I guess you may have aircon in your house, it certainly would be nice to have it.

Take care.

Regards, laverdasf

Agora1 in reply to laverdasf1000

Hi laverdasf1000, That's what makes this forum work in that everyone extends their support and understanding to each other. We don't have to be a doctor or medically qualified in order to comfort another human being. We are all alike in our fears, needs and wants in life.

How have you been doing? The last time you wrote, you agenda for the week sounded busy. Busy is good, keeps your mind occupied in a good way.

As for the weather in Chicago, oh yes, it's been pretty warm with humidity to boot. But we had such a mild winter that I can't complain. I actually missed the snow this year. Didn't get to make a snowman :)

Take care yourself and know we are always here for each other. Agora1

Hi laverdasf1000,

Your Shih Tzus are lovely. They brought a smile to my face and I'm so glad they help you. Pets are wonderful things to have in our lives. Not only do they make us feel needed and loved, but like you said, they give us a reason to get up in the morning and carry on. My Shih Tzu does the same for me. I don't know how I would have gotten through my grandfather's death without my pets.

I'm glad you're starting to feel better, even if it is a slow progression. Take care.

Hi EdanaBrietta, Thank you for your comments. I have always been a cat person but when I retired I thought it would be nice if we had a little dog. We went to look at the litter the two in the picture came from. We couldn't separate them from each other so had them both. they have different personalities and are really great little guys.

I like your screen name, does it contain any of your real name, no need to say if you don't want to, always best to be aware of personal security on here.

I start CBT this afternoon, it is my third session over a number of years I find it useful and it does help. I think with all therapies you have to believe in it and have faith in the therapist.

Oh well best go take care.

Regards, laverdasf

Awwwww! They are adorable!! 💕💕 Thank you for sharing.

Wow they are absolutely gorgeous !

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