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has anyone gone through what im going through racing thoughts the same thought everyday i ignore it but getsworst and like fighting my mind.

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i dont know if anyone seen the post i posted yesterday this wired feeling i get in my head like its trying to control me or lets say trying to make me go crazy also with the unreal dream like vision sometimes it gets blurry sometimes i dont feel like my self or its a dream i try everyday to fight my thoughts its the same thought back to back it does leave but it always comes back i feel like my mind its just messed up at first before i got the thoughts and wired feelings in my head i just had the anxiety with the sympthoms was scared i was dying had the sympthoms for a year in half probably but i got use to it and didnt really care about the physically sympthoms palptations, muscle twiches , eyes twiching , headaches, pulse beating fast i was worried about my body and heart to much that after a while i didnt care i was holding in the pain and the feeling . Now its the thoughts and wired feeling in my head like its trying to take control over me and my mind but i force myself to fight it but its wired i never had the thoughts or that feeling with my mind and also the dream like unreal real vision is it probably telling my anxiety getting worst ? is it apart of my anxiety probably or im going crazy over time i dont want to get in no mental hospital if you see me that wouldnt look like my style or the way i im its just stress feel everyday waking up and having the samething all over again back to back and feeling like you have no option and might have to live like this forever ill be scared out my mind if i have to live like this fighting my mind and trying to igonre everything everyday i just want my self again i know i talk alot on this but someone that has never experince nun of this its hard and rough battle once again all this happen after a bad experince with weed that i smoked and my heart was racing felt like i was going to die went to the docters two days later they said i was good i have anxiety that was when i had just anxiety with the sympthoms but before that i was smoking for almost three years i was good time to time my heart would race but wouldnt pay no mind to it but that one day it blew mine now look how i stood and the thoughts everything just came now like three weeks ago probably out of no where for no reason . But i hope do get better over time and be strong . thanks for the support this would be my last post and thank you . hopefully i get through this soon.

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Hey Johnnie, intrusive racing thoughts, messed up bodily symptoms (eyes included) all a part of our anxiety. The more we feel, the more we worry, the more we worry, the more we feel. Around and around we go. I've gotten to the point where I ask myself out loud,

"Agora, is this really useful"? It kind of stops the negative thought for a moment, allowing

me to refocus. I know you don't want to end up in the mental ward and you won't. I kind of smiled when you said "if we saw you, that wouldn't look like your style or the way you are". :)

Actually, there is no particular look in people suffering with anxiety. That's the problem, we all look so average/normal that I believe that is why people don't understand. I really believe that one day, your life will all come together. You'll have no doubts, no fear, no negative thoughts about going forward and enjoying yourself once more. What happened Johnnie is when you got this feeling after smoking, it left an imprint in your subconscious and as long as you feed into that thought, it will continue playing over and over. Once you accept it as in the past, it's over and gone, you will then be able to move forward.

I'm glad we have this forum. One day, you will have an "aha" moment as I did. Everything anyone ever told you will become crystal clear. And then, only then will you be healed :) x

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Minnie87 in reply to Agora1

Well said Agora.as always.hope you are well xx

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Agora1 in reply to Minnie87

Thank you Minnie. I hope we all find that "aha" moment. :) xx

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melbrown in reply to Agora1

Well said Agora1 😄

Did you go to your therapist appointment? How was it?

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