Hi all hope everyone is coping.

just wanted to say hello & give you an update on my physical symptoms.

Chest pains everyday.

pains in calf muscle mainly right sometime left always worse when resting.

Tingling feeling in right arm.

weird sensation in neck as If glands are swollen.

I get these everyday it's really grinning me down I've started working out again to try to improve my general fitness & circulation.

Anyone else suffering like this.


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5 Replies

  • i have the same symptoms as you do,hope you'll feel better soon.

  • Im glad I'm not the only one suffering like this & I'm sorry you get the same symptoms.

    Take care thanks for replying it's reassuring I'm not dying again.

  • Hi cherub :-) yes sadly most of that is anxiety and stress it's bloody horrid. Going back to excercise is a fab way of getting the anxiety and stress away :-)

  • Thanks for replying Evey any reassurance helps. Your right it's bloody awful I'm not going to bother the doctor he's not much help I think once your down as being anxious all symptoms seem to be because of it.

    All the best.

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