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Aches on the same part of the head

Hey guys just wanted people to share their experiences with headaches associated with anxiety.

So for the past 4-5 days I have had a dull ache/pain in exactly the same spot on the top right of my head. I'm pretty used to head pains but I have not experienced this before and just wanted to see who was in the same boat

I have seen multiple doctors etc etc and also went and saw my doctor the other day because I have bad neck pain and he referred me to a psychologist because he claims that there is nothing physically wrong and perhaps there is "something on my chest" or "thoughts I need to express"

Fair call doc but until you go to the other end of the earth to figure out what is wrong you will never just "accept" those symptoms or feelings that accompany it

Cheers peeps

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Had head pain mainly in one place for 2 months. Went to my GP several times but said nothing wrong. Went privately to see a neurologist and he stated my brain was sensitised. I do have health anxiety as you might have guessed. What you have are typical HA fears and reactions. We need a proper diagnosis. A headache is always a brain tumour a lump always cancer twitching motor neuron disease. We catastrophise over any simple problem. With headaches the doctors can normally tell if it is anything serious. Also you normally have other symptoms. I had an eye test withe the camera to reassure myself. Unfortunsteely reassurance doesn't last.


My dull or mild tention headaches happen in different spots. Some times the back of my head sometimes the side and sometimes the front top. So I hope these are from anxiety and stress because my mind keeps thinking the worst because it's never been this frequent since my situation came back strong two months ago.

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Normall the doctor can do a simple neuro test to see if there is anything amiss. Headaches are very common, brain tumours are not. The more you stress the worse they will be.


Unfortunately I can't check in to a doctor as often as my panic self really want to because the fact I don't have insurance so I've been stuck with just going to the er and like a clinic quite often these past two months which unfortunately none will just give me a cat scan or mri so now I'm stuck hoping and praying that it's all anxiety and stress that makes me feel these mild headaches and these other symptoms that can be so many other terrible things. And when you don't have insurance they just send your ass right back home with the least information


Is it expensive to get a full eye test


What are your other symptoms


I know it's been a year since you posted this, but I'm having the exact same pains. One spot on the left of my forehead has had a dull ache for about 3-4 weeks. Been to the doctor, he did a full exam and didn't think anything was wrong. Had bloodwork done. Just went to the eye doctor today. Turns out I have an astigmatism in both eyes, which could cause some of the headaches. Wondering if you ever got any relief?


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