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still feeling terrible

I have had bad anxiety for 2 years now and it makes me feel really sick and it never goes away . Is there anything I can do i want to enjoy life again.

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Hi. You are feeling what many people on this site - feel - despair, fear and frustration., and not an end in sight it seems. However, many people do recover from this type of illness when they receive the correct treatment. If you went to the doctor with a broken leg he/she would not just give you some painkillers and send you home. You would be sent to hospital for specialist help and there they would give you the treatment appropriate to your need. Why then do people think it is ok just to be given some medication, which may or many not be suitable for your individual situation, and sent home. All that is being done is treating a symptom - if even that. You just have to read on here the number of people who are on medication, some for years, who have seen little or no improvement in their underlying illness.

I have no doubt that short term medication is very appropriate for some people. But it is not helpful for everyone and it is not helpful if it goes on and on year after year with little evidence of any benefit.

Anxiety,ocd,sensorimotor obsession - these thigs are difficult to treat - and your doctor should be treating you as part of an individually tailored care plan. If you spend any time at in hospital you will be able to see your care plan - you should be able to expect the same from your primary carer.

If you feel that your current treatment is not helping you or is not in any way appropriate it is your right to raise those concerns with your doctor and ask for alternatives.

It is your health that is being affected - not anyone else's - so you have a right to ask questions of those who are responsible for your treatment. I do hope you will be able to feel better soon.



Hi Karl, you are like our own personal doctor on here! I always read your replies with great interest. Thanks for being on here! 😊 x


Thank you for your kind comments :-) When I was in need of comfort and support I found it here. I want to try and return that if I can. That was a very nice comment you made - thank you very much for touching my heart.



I know what you mean. I've kind of become addicted to this site, it seems to help.

Aww you are welcome! 😊 x


thanks im seeing a new doctor soon hopefully things work out


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