Tired of pains ..thinking the worst

Just after support really, does anyone suffer from lots of different pains , that seems to travel.. Seems to be all over abdomin under right rib through to back moves into waist , niggling and sometimes sore or like hot poker!! Just sick of it .. Won't go to GP scared what they'll say.. Had it on and off for couple of years some weeks worse than others .. Thanks


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  • ive been going through the same thing for monthes now havent been to dr in years finaly had enough of wondering and worrying whats going on so i went today.it actually took alot of the aniety away now just waiting on results but so happy i went

  • Thanks for your reply.. Please keep us posted.. My worry is that something sinister..to do with my kidneys or liver or any of those internal organs is going wrong... When I don't have pains tho I don't worry!! Good luck .

  • Yes going through this exact thing right now actually

  • Sorry you are ..do you find anything that helps ? Or anything that triggers or makes it worse? Thanks for replying.

  • 1973 the thing what makes it worse is yourself hun as you are allowing these feelings to control you.

    believe me I've been there - when things start to happen you need to stay calm

    the more you think you are dying or have something wrong with you like cancer

    the more your mind will have you believe it as it's very adept at this

    if you have been suffering with this for years and you are still alive then you can't have anything wrong with you can you

    think about it logically I had to

    come on get yourself to the doctors if it's coming and going then it's possibly trapped wind as this moves around the body

    what can also cause panic attacks is stress - keep a note book on what is going on in your life when these attacks happen - maybe this will help you put things into perspective. Hope this has helped wish you the best of luck let me know how you get on. 😁

  • Thank you.. It seems to be that while stressful events happen I'm ok I keep going , ( I recently posted husband not working things very tight) now things are easing he has work ... I start to get lots of symptoms.. I'm particularly concerned with my stomach area, as this has been a consistent pain... The flashes the heads , the dizzy spells, palpating heart come and go.. I know these are stress related.. What you say makes lots of sense , still don't know about GP... Feel I spent life there 10 years or so ago when first diagnosed.. Thanks again.

  • Yeah 1973 what's happening there is the adrenaline kicks in to keep you going and once everything settles down that's when your body says hang on what's happening here I want more adrenaline - so starts the vicious circle - this happened to me when my dad had a motorbike accident I did everything I could etc but once he was on the mend I didn't feel right and all these things were happening to me - went to docs he asked anything stressing you I said no - then thought about my dads accident and mentioned it and he said that's it - your body's been on such a high for weeks and now it's slowing down that's what is causing these symptoms after a while they went - this must be what is happening to you. Hope this has helped take care hun 😘🤗

  • Thanks ..lol I ought to know all this by now!! It's just a reassurence thing.. That's why this sight is good!

  • ive had anxiety since i was a child ive always been able to control it but for the last year its gotten worse the body aches and pains are the worst and going to the google search bar for symtoms is even worse lol thats why i went to dr i honesty thought i was having heart attacks regulary. the fear is still there cause the pain is but im thinkin if i was having them when i had my ecg yesturday they woud be able to tell right? lol see back to it again ughhhh

  • Yes I do know for a fact, Ecg can trace right back for any irregular occurrence... So if it was ok you are ok and haven't been experiencing heart attacks. But I get your fear completely... I'd just love to be one of those people that didn't think too much into things ... Oh and I NEVER Google!

  • do you think if there was something serious the person who did the test woud have told me or do they wait to send results to dr?

  • I think you would wait for results, but if it was seriously you'd know quite quickly..,I'm sure you'll be fine .

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