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Stomach Sensitivity to Almost Every Food?

For the past few years (yikes!) I have dealt with on-and-off stomach problems. The most recurring issue I have is gas. My doctor was concerned about my stomach issues because my aunt has Crohn's Disease and my grandmother has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I went through every test imaginable-blood tests, CT scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy. All of the test results came back completely clear; no signs of Crohn's Disease or IBS whatsoever. I was relieved but still frustrated because I am dealing with this gas all the time, and it can be debilitating.

A few days ago I went back to my gastroentologist, who now wants me to go on a ridiculously strict diet: No grains, no sugar. On top of that, I can't have dairy because I am lactose-intolerant. So essentially I will be eating meat and vegetables and some nuts. I am angry and stressing out because I have a busy schedule and I don't have time to worry about following such an insane diet.

My doctor kept saying this was the only way to keep my stomach under control, but I don't want to live my life hungry all the time and having to pass up so many dinners with family, parties, etc.

I don't know what to do. Please help.

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Hi there

would your gp refer you to a dietician who could maybe help you with meals etc , so it may not be as bad as it initially seems...??

Im just having to go for blood tests for my tummy as I get terrible indigestion and pain like trapped wind but quite high up....

It may not be as bad as you think when you look into it??

Lots of love ker x


Will you be able to eat gluten free pasta etc or is this too off the menu? If so it does make life a little awkward. As well as asking to see a dietitian it may also be worth while looking on the web for recipes. Don't forget you will be able to eat fish and fruit too. there is also soya milk but I have to say this is a very acquired taste. You can still go out with meals with your family you just have to be careful what you eat. Most places will do a meat or fish dish. I find that generally people are very helpful although lunch can be very difficult. I can understand your frustration as I was too and I love my food but you learn to adapt.



I have the same issues, i have acid reflux, sensitivity to alot of foods and i am lactose intolerant. Sucks!!! The last six months i have had to turn my diet around not than ever before and i have lost about thirty pounds... i look great but feel horrible. I dont enjoy eating and i have to force myself to eat. Its really hard. My fiance and i cant go.out to dinners and i make it difficult for family gatherings. I have found things that work but i get sick of eating the same stuff all day. I do my best to try a small new thing everu once in a while to help alittle bit. I always make sure i have some deli meat and crackers on handle. I alsoneat peanuts and alpt of applesauce. The easy small cups when in a rush. Wheat things and pretzels, fruit and some vegetables. Hope this helps a bit? Its very very hard and causes my anxiety to become higher all i think abiut is what am i going to eat later. Let me know if you find anything else and good luck!


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