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so sick of waiting for help

hi all well here we are month 7 of being housebound :/ im finding my anexity has eased being in my safe zone (home) but im still lacking the courage to go out the house, i have like what i can only describe as asthma type panic attacks when i go out so i avoid simple as that. Im more afraid tbh of the people utside laughing and putting me down than i am actually passing out from a attack etc, but being a very nervous person this has always been the case, after 7 month ive been offered proponol (spelling sorry) counselling in a group yet i cannot leave the house and this is it, after some nagging from my doctor i had a social worker involved who said she was worried that my kids where at risk as i had a violent partner 10+ years ago when i was in my teens !! that person not even being the father to my kids or my hubby lol needeless to say she was sent packing. and after that in guilt he told me i would get a phone call from a counselling service, yes i thought we getting somewhere, nope i will eventually be offered self help at home and one a week call from counsellor, and today i found out this could take up to a year to sort :/ so what do i do in the meantime?? im going mad in this house and im supposed to be going on a holiday abroad in july with hubby n kids and im housebound ?? any ideas thanks in advance donver x

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I no how you feel , I am waiting to see a physcologist & like you have been told it can take up to a year

This is how it seems to be

Unlike you though , my kids are grown up so I don't have that worry & I don't leave the house , but again I don't have to

What to do in the meantime , that's a million to one question

I keep coming on the site & trying my best , I no that wont help you much

Hopefully someone will come along in a bit with a better suggestion

Just wanted to let you no you are not on your own on this waiting list system





thanks whywhy x im just so frustrated as my kids are 13, 6 and 4 and they obviously want me to go places and do things and i feel like im letting them down. im so sick of people telling me to stop being stupid and get on with it but its easier said that done, i watch these progs on tv like this moring the other day and see they cured a 4year housebound person and im thinkin is it that easy? maybe i am being daft but imgetting more depressed thinkin im stuck x i will kepp plodding on thought xx


I cannot imagine having to wait so long to see a psychologist. Have you tried finding someone on the internet?


hi teajay x i havent tried the internet as i figured that if i went private it would cost a lot and i simply am not in a postion to do this x i have tried some self help books but without the moral support its not the same x


I hope your hubby gives you some moral support. :(

Have you tried using the services through Anxiety UK? If you are working (in case you might be a home worker), does your employer offer free counselling services? I think more and more employers are trying to. If not, see if your partner's employer does... sometimes they offer services for family.

Best wishes.


Do you have a Socal Worker? Being offered group therapy is useless for you, obviously. Is the violent partner still living with you?


hi agora x yes I have a sorta social worker, she is not mine as in deals with me she is my sons as he underwent a bone marrow transplant not lng ago and my other son is diabetic type 1 so she now helps with him hospital based work only. we had mentioned her to the doctor and he thought maybe she could help but she passed on the case to a social worker outside the hospital with some background info which we shall say was all twisted out of proportion, the violent partner was as i say 10 years ago and he has not been a part of my life since then i have a hubby who is the total opposite and very suportive without him i couldnt of coped x group therapy while seemin good is useless unless i invoted them all to my home but even then id panic s i guess im just stuck x


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