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how the numbness gets you down

since i found this space ive felt a greater need to share. as ive been healthy for 40years this has got me rocking, face numb[one side], dull headaches, tightness in upper body. im a big guy. 15 st 6 ft, always on the go. so how come i cannot overcome this? do i need a head check, who knows. open to answers. thanks to all who read this.x

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I had chronic head pain so neurologist said MRIscan then you will move on hen proved you have not got a tumour, yes was negative but still get headaches nothing but anxiety they say ,now suffering with side pain and bloods and water test all negative ,have I still got it yes and the headaches so anxiety how you get rid of it don't know.


some days good, some days bad , cant figure out the trigger yet, dont feel stressed, but my mind is racing thinking about it, thanks for your kind words x


I've been in pain with my legs for 4 months now and they say its stress


Hi i had several MRI scans and CT scans , and all was normal, and told it was anxiety, and i no what you mean , about how come can you not overcome it, i have said o myself time and time again why can i not sort this, how can i have gone from someone so strong and confident, with a good job to this. And i think its because we was always busy , always running around that puts us here ,then we run around in our minds day after day hour after hour questioning the symptoms, that is what keeps us there, try not o run over it to much, try just to let it go, and not stress to much, as best you can .

i hope it gets better for you, don't do what i have and stress so much about it all that it pulls you right down, to the floor,




Hi painterman

I have been suffering from migraines , that have got worse over the last 4 years

I get numbness round the right side of my cheek bone & the top of my lip on that side

I panic & am always looking through the mirror when i have this to make sure my face looks normal

I also get pains shouting through my right ear

At first I put it down to the migraines but noticed the numbness can happen when I dont have one

I have been to see a neurologist who couldnt find anything wrong

I was offered a MRI scan even though they didnt think anything was wrong but my health anxiety couldnt cope with having one , but they were not concerned as they more or less said they were going to do one just for my peace of mind

When it happens I get really frustrated & yes it makes me anxious & I would like to no what it is ...I think now I just say well I have been getting this for 4 years & its got better but its got any worse & surly if it was something it wouldnt just keep coming & going all this time

So you are not the only one with this numbness sensation , if you do get an answer I would be interested to no what they say





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