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Hi I'm new to this forum and been suffering with anxiety now for 2 years although I have always been a worryer the last 2 years has been when it really hit me bad. I have depersonalization every day and sinus/ head pressure, extreme tiredness body feels heavy,Vision problems with sensitivity to light and tons of eye floaters! Is this all really anxiety? I had a mri done which came back clear and hoped that would put my mind at rest but it hasn't mum has ms so wanted to rule that out still can't help panicking.last couple days I have a new thing I havnt had before my left side of my head just above my ear feels numb and strange like there's pressure there and feels worse as I move my head in different directions anyone had this before? Thanks


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  • Hi rach and welcome :-) a lot of your symptoms sound very familiar.... You will see many are the same on here...lots of different symptoms...pressure in your head could be tension from all the anxiety you are feeling at the moment...clenching your teeth or jaw? Maybe that's it? But does sound like anxiety

  • I know EXACTLY how that feels . I have that right now .

  • You seem to have the same symptoms as I do....I guess it's probably stress there anything else worrying you..I know it's enough just worrying about the symptoms but I would say, get your thyroid levels checked out and your blood pressure. Take care.

  • I am so sorry you are suffering from so many symptoms. I am at a loss how to help. I have felt kind of funny in the head sometimes. Don't know what it is. But, I like you wonder if all my symptoms are from anxiety or something undiscovered. My therapist says, if I really have something bad I will know to go to the hospital and to try to take myself out of myself. It is really hard to do. But I have been to so many doctors the last few months I am just tired of going and they don't find anything. I have no time for myself, all the exams and tests. I feel your pain. I also am feeling tired more than I should, and feeling that way makes me not want to do much. But, I am going to go ride my stationary bike later, and do some exercises. My exercise of choice is swimming but as it is 104 outside today (F) the water feels like it is boiling. All the best and remember we are here from you. Try to distract your self if you can. ( I try hard to do that ) Take care. Ileen

  • I've had most of those symptoms like thinking about my breathing, tiredness, head pressure, sensitive to light, head numb or ake at front or thinking about heart beat or chest, barranoid about illness. You know its ok when you take you mined of things and when you do something and it goes away but when you think about it again it comes back.

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