I've been having headaches for like 4 days now and its on my left side above my ear. It started as shooting pains in my ear to my head. My head feels really sore too. I jeep feeling like im going to die. I had an ct scan about a month ago nd it came bkind clear. Not sure what to do. I can't keep living lile this. I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me with brief anxiety. Hopefully it really goes away in 3 months like he said. It should since I've already been dealing with it for 3 months now. Well anyways has anyone even heard of brief anxiety. Idk what to do anymore. I feel like im gonna die everyday.


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  • I completely understand how your feeling . I had headaches for about 4 months everyday it controlled me . I also had a CT scan and it came back clear . But I know that feeling of you think your going to die . I use to think and even sometimes think omg I have a brain tumor or an illness and the doctors didn't catch it . Lol but Reading some of the peoples post on how they feel is really helping me it makes me feel like I'm lot alone . I would keep reading these posts. It'll get better I promise .

  • Yh, I think I'm going through that exactly right now... it sucks.

  • No your pain, i been dealin with this for 18 months, headaches over left side of head, below eye and on forehead left side. Dr says its atypical tri neuralgia, constant dull ache, have tried alot of meds, not great, feel its part anxiety makin it worse, try an app or google headspace. Focus on breathing, it does help your daily routine. Hope u get relief and answers, take care xx

  • Feel like i'm dying too but reminds myself anxiety cant kill me and distract my mind.

  • I've had a good 2 days and all the sudden I was walking my dog and boom my neck is hurting on bottom left side. When will this start feeling better


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