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anxiety and reflux = scared

has anyone else had acid reflux...ive had pains behind my breastbone...lump in throat..but no heartburn i have been to the docs and she has told me its acid reflux....i have new tablets to help...i was fine for 2 days and now I'm having on and off pains again like i need to burp...now I'm constenstly thinking the worst...she told me having a camera would just be for my reassurance...can anxiety make this worse??

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Yes I have the same. It's horrible the pains and when I eat I sit and wait for it to happen so by worry about it I'm making it worse . Had to change what I'm eating as well . Plus I have a bacterial stomach infection on antibiotics for that . They to have said about a camera. So yes anxiety has madeit worse for me .x


yeah same as i wake up thinking am I going to have another day like it....ive changed what I'm eating to...was fine for 2 days and then had the feeling again...im thinking these tablets should stop it all but with all the worrying can they..oh no hope u feel better soon xx


Miss having my coffee. Yeah I think the same about my tablets. But that what happens when you have health anxiety. X


arw toy on tablets for it too?? same as ☹...i know it so hard...do you have health aniexty too? x


With acid reflux you must take the tablets regular don't miss any if your feeling better, it's takes time.

Eat at regular times an empty stomach isn't good either.

Gaviscon works when it's really bad too but you must look at what eating there's lots of triggers.

One doctor told me drink lots of milk but I then found and read that milk makes acid reflux worse.

Porridge is good for me when it's bad.

Just look up good and bad foods on the internet.

It does get better but takes some diet changes.

All the best DM


thank you so much for ur message.....is it normal to get pains in your tummy with acid reflux plus mine makes gurgling noises too...im so convinced it's something so much worse 😓


You maybe have stomach ulcers get it checked out because I had the same problem now getting a camera test done again


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