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Anxiety,Acid Reflex or Heart Burn?

Okay so earlier I had burning diarrhea and then I went and laid down and a burning sensation was in my heart then i got a burning sensation in my stomach so is this Anxiety,Acid Reflex or Heart Burn?

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Acid reflux

At least that's what I've been told repeatedly at the hospital when I rush there thinking its heart related.

Take some antacid.

It doesn't help might be anxiety.

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Thank You!! and It went away on its own ^^ Im thinking maybe anxiety caused it because Before I did have anxiety for no reason at all but Thanks! and next time i get acid reflex I'll get some antacids c:


Acid reflux can be a symptom of anxiety so it could be both! I get it when I am particularly anxious in some social situations. I find that lying down does really help and getting warm but keep antacids with you in case :)

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Thanks c: Tomorrow Im going to a doctor to get a counselor for my anxiety because i have level 5 anxiety but Im worried because I dont want the counselor telling my mom everything I say though Im only 16 by the way so the counselor shouldnt be able to tell my mom, right? I mean Im not going to talk about putting harm on myself or others just things that i find stressing , So do you think the counselor would tell my mom everything that I say? I mean arent counselors supposed to keep things a secret between you and the counselor?


That's really excellent that you're getting help, well done. Confidentiality is very very important and will help you build a trusting relationship with your counsellor. For the most part, I believe everything will be kept between you and your counsellor but there are some exceptions. As you said, if you are putting yourself or others at risk then this could be an exception. If there is a risk to the public, this could be an exception or where police or medical staff need involvement.

However, I am sure you can talk to your counsellor about this in your first session and tell them about your worries concerning confidentiality and you can come to an agreement about the limits. Have a look at this website bacp.co.uk/crs/Training/wha... it has some information about confidentiality that should reassure you.


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