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Does anybody else experience this??

So today I had a good day and even though I had my moments it was a really good day compares to the last month.. But then as soon as I started to feel positive I had this absolute surge of negativity come back again 'what if you don't get over this' 'what if your life is really boring it's not worth it anymore' 'what if your not even anxious and these are true feelings that you feel' xx

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Hi Keyleigh.

Just remember how it felt to be positive. I am sure it is your anxiety playing you up, you are most certainly worth it try not to let it get the better of you and enjoy Christmas.

Best wishes Kenny xxx


Haha welcome to the wonderful life of suffering anxiety with defeating thoughts. Cbt therapy would probably help you loads



Pleased today has gone well for you :-)

That feeling of all of a sudden getting a surge of negativity is very common

I see it like Anxiety is a little person (not nice at that ) that from time to time when I have forgotten it's there it tries to sneak up & give me a fright , push it back out & the more you do it will start to realize it's not welcome !

You have done really well today , you should feel proud :-)





Like we were saying yesterday focus on the positives no matter how small. You did really well today so you go girl. Someone once said to me 'don't say ya having a bad day, ya having a bad hour'. That's because it can change.

Ps just to remind you what we were saying yesterday. It's ya anxiety talking not you. Quote of the day from you was how stupid is this anxiety, we'd be happy otherwise. X


Hey guys I had 12 hours sleep last night I'm feeling refreshed this morning so hopefully a good day is on the cards, think I was jus overwhelmed by good day I had yesterday, you guys wouldn't let me be anything other than positive anyway because you've been where I am and now your managing it a lot better so well done all of you :-) hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve xx


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