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Over the last week my anxiety has hit a new level, I'm scared about a lot of stuff. And at work especially I start I start to freak out and have to take my breaks early. I've felt detached like im looking through different eyes and I see the world differently when my anxiety strikes. I very felt this sense of depersonalization and derealization. Has anyone dealed with this, if so how are you coping and how did you overcome it? Any advice is awsome, please help me out guys.


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  • I wish i can help you but im trying to deal with mine from one symptom to the next... today i feel so moody and depressed.. i dont mean to be negative but just wanted to say i know where you coming from... im also there ... and then i still have to sit at work and deal with other people with financial problems... :( shouting your head off

  • I too often get the feeling I'm not really there and like my brain is full of cotton wool and I cant concentrate on what people are saying. I try and breathe through it and really concentrate on what is going on especially when at work. if you feel you are not coping on a regular basis perhaps you need to go and see the DR and talk to them about what is happening. also depending on what the response is likely to be it might be worth talking to your line manager at work and seeing if they can help in any way. I'm sorry I don't really have an answer but wanted to let you know that I had read your post.


  • I have the exact same thing, I'm 18 and don't have a job or a care in the world to be honest and I don't know where this anxiety is coming from. Deep breaths really is great when it starts to get bad. I'm still struggling with it and thats really all the advice I can give. Hope you start feeling better soon and everyone else in the same boat :)

  • I have this a lot. It's a sign of a tired nervous system and mind. It's very scary when it happens because I guess you think something's wrong how can this be anxiety. I've learnt the only thing you can do is go with the flow. Play it like a game when it happens think I'm in trance mode and try and carry on. It will pass eventually but just remember it can't harm you. Just make you feel weirded :)

  • Thanks guys, I got home from work and was fine, it was really weird.. now I'm fearful that whenever I go to work again this might happen.. :/

  • I drink meds everyday that helps the nervous system like folic acid and vitamin Bco

  • guys we need to do research on how we can help each other fight this anxiety i cant deal when i see people suffer like this

  • My goodness, I am on disability for depression and anxiety. Both are bad to deal with, and both are at there highest right now because my mom passed away just a week ago yesterday. People can say, "well, she was 86, lived a long live etc.,

    but I have lived with her this past year and have on and off for several years, even before my dad passed. To top off the pain of that, my younger sister is making things much, much, worse because she is the one who is able to make all of the decisions as Power of Attorney, because I was too unstable when my mom signed for it, and honestly, I still am. It is unfortunate because my sister has money, a beautiful home and 2 great cars. I am living in an old mobile home (trailer) and have a 1999 car that looks worse on the outside than this home I am in. Sister decided that since things are to be divided in half, I need to give her $650. for the car AND, she wants to use 1/2 of my insurance money to pay for half of this old place. I would really like to stay because this is my "home." But, I do not want to buy it. It is too old and needs to much work to try and keep it and hold onto it for a year till I feel ready to move. The anxiety of moving just a week after my mom passed is way, way to much for me to handle. Packing up not only my things, but what my mom had, that I considered "mine." Furniture etc. Yesterday was a horrible day as far as depression, but I woke up fairly good today. By noon I was depressed again. By 3:00 my sister started calling and I was full of anxiety. I too, have many medications I take, but let's face it, they can only do so much. I am sure I haven't helped you one bit, but sharing my story was so I could let you know, the anxiety can get better. I am much better than what I was years ago. With the stress I'm under now, I can't stand being alone. I hear things, see things, hear people talking but I can't understand what they are saying. It's horrible. I know, in time though, it will get easier. That is my hope for all of you.

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