Need a virtual hug...really struggling

any chance of a virtual hug from my fellow anxiety sufferers?...really struggling badly last couple of weeks.

I know it will pass eventually as it always does but it seems a lot worse than previous times.

I think i just need a bit of reassurance to kick start the fight back.

Hate giving into it.

Thank you all and hugs returned to everyone of you...John.


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  • Hugs to You!

  • Thank you Tanae much appreciated.

  • No Problem. Anxiety won't win. Have a Good day

  • same to you

  • 🤗 sending hugs and chocolate 🍫

  • thank you, i'm feeling better already .x

  • Chocolate will do that to u lol

  • Hugs! But acceptance isn't giving in to it. Acceptance is powerful. Accept the anxious feelings and thoughts they are just dark clouds passing over the sunshine and blue sky is always there. X

  • thank you.x

  • Absolutely! Hugs!🤗

  • thank you...greatly appreciated.x

  • Right herei if you need to talk

  • Don't fight back. Maybe that's where you might have been going wrong. Fighting means more tension, more stress, more strain and your nervous system has had enough of that. Instead, surrender and accept. Let the bad feelings come, accept them calmly and without adding second fear to first fear. After all, anxiety is just a nasty trick played on us by our over sensitised nerves. Nobody ever died of anxiety, no death certificate in the world exists with 'Anxiety' as the cause of death. So let it come and because we accept it rather than generating more fear which keeps our nerves sensitive then with the passage of time our nerves recover. And so do we.

  • Accepting it doesn’t make it go away. I tried accepting it but I can’t drive because of it so I have to try meds.

  • Acceptance will cure anybody of anxiety disorder if they practice and are persistant. Acceptance was first set out 50 years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book 'Self help for your nerves'. Take a look at the reader reviews on Amazon before you say Acceptance doesn't make it go away. My copy is 30 yesrs old and it was the 23rd. reprint. No wonder literally hundreds of thousands of people hsve recovered using her four imperatives: Face - Accept - Float - And let time pass. How long did you preactice, Jesus. How many weeks? How many months? If you were looking for a quick fix Acceptance isn't it.

  • thanks jeff,i have tried everything and i'm open to any new ideas to get relief from this horrid illness

  • johncraig, Hugs sent from Chicago x

  • appreciated.x

  • Huggggggss!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 you will best this! I believe in you!!!!

  • thank you.x

  • Hug winging its way to you right now!!! Love your profile pic of 2 lovely kitty's 🐱

  • thanks kittykat28 (great name) and Syd and Boots my cats send their

  • Oh I LOVE those names ~I have three cats mine are Poppy ~Ko~Ko and Twiglet ~Hope you are feeling better in yourself now ~think it's just nice to know that people care 🐱

  • it really does make a difference and cheers me up knowing that they are good people out there...just chilling out with my cats right now...nothing beats a cuddle from a purring loving cat...hope your cats are as content and as happy as mine.x john.

  • Well yes they are but can be very naughty at times lol!! Poppy tho is 17 and more of a house cat now ~the two boys are always up to mischief !!Ko~Ko in particular ~I must buy him a new collar every two weeks or so ~I used to buy the expensive ones ~but now he gets the £1 from B+M ( still have the quick release button) You n joy your afternoon chilling out with your kitty's ~Poppy is asleep at the minute ~but goodness knows where the other two are ~Will come home when they are hungry ( as always 😁) 🐱😊

  • we have three cats.2 are house cats and Edward our latest goes out early in the morning and comes back every 20 mins or so just to check we haven't he comes in for food and that's him settled all night..he used to lose his collars as well mainly due to the odd fight he had..but now he's learned that peace and love is a better way to live and his collar losing days are over i hope......have a good rest of the day..john

  • There are lots of cats in the cul de sac where I live ~my next door neighbour has 4 ~but must admit they all get on together ( unless a stranger dares to enter their territory) lol !! Well tea time shortly ( time for a nice cuppa) wishing you well 🐱🐱🐱😊

  • bye for now

  • Goodnight ~Hope tomoz a good day 4 U ~ work 4 me 😥

  • Stay strong!💪🏼 Bad days will give way to better ones :)

  • thanks,hope we all have better days to come

  • Hi john hope you are a little better,this is a great site and has helped me a lot .anxiety an awful illness and acceptance and working through it is very hard.but you are not alone we are all with you.keep strong 💪 big hugs bev 🤗

  • thanks a million it means a lot and hopefully we can all get a few days peace from this horrible illness.x John

  • 🤗thanks john x

  • Try a combination meditation, yoga, cbt, and medication to try and help u! Hugs! 😳💪

  • thanks it means a lot

  • Medication is very helpful, it gives us a break from anxiety when it becomes overwhelming and we have family responsibilities to maintain. But it doesn't cure, stop the medication and the anxiety returns. Talking cures like cbt and psychiatry in general should be persued but unfortunately have a poor record of success.

    I understand how Acceptance properly practiced stops first fear being followed by second fear (which maintains the over sensitisation of the nervous system) and allows our nerves to gradually recover and the symptoms of anxiety to pass. I know this because it worked for me and so many others on this forum and has worked for many hundreds of those who have written reader reviews on and

    But I have never heard tell of anybody's over sensitised nervous system being cured by yoga and meditation. I know there are many self-help books by different authors based on Acceptance but have never heard of a book claiming that yoga and meditation will de-sensitise the nervous system which is the cause of all anxiety.

    But we should keep an open mind and await evidence that therapies like yoga and meditation can indeed result in permanent cure.

  • All of the methods I’ve listed have been proven to work, backed by several studies. I am only trying to give him some advice, I never said it was a cure. If you’re not a psychologist, MD, nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist then please don’t tell him to learn to just accept his anxiety because meds don’t cure it. Nothing cures anxiety but there are ways to treat it and everything should be done under a doctor’s supervision. Meditation and exercise has helped me somewhat, but i am getting on meds. Everyone is different, maybe he is not in a place right now in his life to just accept it.

  • Jesus, you don't have to be a psychologist, MD, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist to promote a self-help method on this forum. This includes the acceptance method that has been curing people of anxiety disorder for 50 years. Just because you tried it and dismissed it when it didn't work after 5 minutes doesn't mean it doesn't work for so many others willing to 'Let time pass'. The hundreds of positive reader reviews for the book I mentioned on Amazon are proof enough, the frequent comment 'it saved my life' refers to Acceptance not your yoga.

    So don't tell me that I musn't advise people to use the acceptance method. Try to bear in mind that as far as advice is concerned you are a nobody. You show your ignorance when you say: "nothing cures anxiety". There are just too many people around who have recovered.

    You clearly don't understand that Acceptance is a temporary phase not something permanent. If you really bekueve that "everything" should be done under a doctor's supervision then what are you doing here? This forum is for people experiencing anxiety to advise and help each other and it is not supervised by doctors.

    So please don't turn up here and start telling me what advice I should and shouldn't give. Remember that as far as anxiety therapy is concerned you know nothing. You are a nobody.

  • Well I was recently diagnosed so I have to learn to accept it. But I personally feel medication and cbt can help me to get there. Sorry if we had a conflict of interest, I know everyone thinks differently and has different approaches to how they deal with anxiety. I can hardly calm down and stop thinking my own negative thoughts so at the moment I am in no place to try your method but eventually I will. Everyone has to start somewhere. Meditation worked for me before I even went to a doctor but I want to try some meds. For some of us it’s meds, meditation, prayer, acceptance, exercise or many other things that help. There are MILLIONS of methods to treat and cure anxiety.

  • Jesus, as I did say medication has an important part to play in anxiety disorder and it's a matter of regret that so many people refuse to consider them because of 'addiction' worries. I tell them that anxiety about taking anxiety meds is itself a symptom of anxiety. I have used amitriptyline and it allowed me to carry on with work and family responsibilities. But nobody wants to stay on meds all their life unless there's no alternative.

    You talk of Acceptance as if it's a case of "You'll just have to put up with it, I'm afraid." That's not what Doctor Claire Weekes means by acceptance: it's a temporary device to stop people generating fear that maintains their nervous system in an over sensitised state. But it can take a while before it succeeds, it requires practice and persistance.

    I think that as you tried acceptance with perhaps only my brief outline to go on you were ill-equipped to practice it. It really does require reading Weekes' first book 'Self help for your nerves' in which she explains how it is done. It's a fairly short book, worth the few quid or dollars for a used copy. It was written decades ago and depicts a society that is today much changed but thst doesn't affect the validity of her method.

  • Thanks a lot. I’ll consider purchasing the book just to get an idea of it. I know that several people don’t want to be on meds forever and are scared to use them and even seek treatment or are in denial that anything is wrong so it’s hard. Some people on this site don’t even have a doctor or family and friends to help them. Medication and therapy is the first line of treatment that the psychologist I went to suggested to me. The doctor suggested some meds to start off and see how it goes. Thanks for the insight on the methods you suggested.

  • Hugs! Please keep yourself busy and keep your thoughts positive. Life is beautiful and you will in time see this!

  •'s great to see they're kind caring people in this makes a difference

  • Please take comfort in the knowledge that so many millions of us have been there.

    Also, I don't remember where I read this (and it's helped me a lot) -- if you know you're safe, the anxiety reduces.

    Many hugs, bro. Don't fight it, nor give in -- just let it be.

  • thank you...really really appreciate it....john

  • Huge hugs!! You've got this.

  • thanks..never been so low but on the up again

  • It's amazing that you are able to recognize the fact that what you're feeling and experiencing right now, will pass soon!! I feel so proud and happy for you :)

  • thanks..slowly getting back to something like normality..time to enjoy life while i can and not worry about the next time it they say life is too short.

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