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I have anxiety I think I have health anxiety I cant stand to watch anything on tv to do with death or anything negative or if I read anything negative my mind goes over time thinking what if that happens to me or my kids am always planning things so nothing goes wrong or myself or kids wont get hurt does anyone have any advice on how to ease the way I think

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Hi cloe :-) oh I'm the same , if I watch or read anything it stays in my mind then I end up thinking what parents we do worry about our kids...main thing is to try and not let them see you are worried :-)

I have been there....You mind is operating on full alert, like a deer when grazing, it takes a mouthful of grass then raises its head, looks around,ears are twitching always looking for a threat or predator, it is fully tuned in to every sound, every movement, never relaxing.

The best thing is at present don,t read newspapers, don,t watch TV unless it is comedy, spend time in silence even if it is in the country, listen to music or read (Eckhart Tolle) instead....

You are sufferring from fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and your imagination is producing thoughts which you are reacting too.

Try to realize that you are not your thoughts.....let them come and go........if you do not react to your negative thoughts they will pass much quicker.

This time will pass as your mind learns to relax.......the secret is not to react to your negative thoughts, after all that is all they are.......just thoughts......GBx

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