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Help me im going nuts

Okay here it goes I been having hiv anxiety... if that makes sense..

I been tested about 30 times within three months... it always comes out negative but I always go back to it being that.. headaches, stomach hurts, dry mouth, I cant sleep at night I wake up to bad dreams idk what to do.. everyone tells me im okay but still back to that! Can ppl help me?

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Hi Aden,

Do you mind me asking what exactly makes you keep going back to the same worry? Did you have partner that has been Diagnosed with HIV? Or have you just been suffering from these symptoms, and you Google them, to find these symptoms are that of HIV patients?

Monica R


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The reason why is because I had sex w someone I didn't know about three months ago vag and anal.. the condom broke on the anal but I believe my uretha was still covered and I notice right way took it off and cleaned up and put another one on and finished w vag.. since then I had sex w multiple partners about (6) all covered oral (done to me) and vaginal no condom breakage at all.. but ever since that one time w the condom break I had night sweats here and there.. a swollen lymph node for like two days, no fever, stomach hurts, headaches here and there..

I had a antibody/antigen at 20 days negative

Multiple insti rapid , 30, 50, 60

, 65, 75, 80, 85

Also hiv ab hiv 1/2 eia

Also hiv 1/2

Another insti at 90 day mark negative

I also had two panels of stds all negative.


Also yes im constantly looking online about HIV and listening to things about hiv/aids and looking at medhelp or the body about HIV..


Also Monica I asked all the ppl that I had sex with if they are hiv and std free they said yes even that girl that I didn't know.. but what if they are lying?


You don`t have HIV. Not if you have been tested that many times.... Really .... are you consuming any drugs at present that could account for your symptoms.....pot for instance...But anyway anxiety can`t kill you.... Go to your GP and have talk. ..... steve

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No im not its just so scary and im always thinking of it..

I do take antabuse.


Of your suffering from anxiety the sore stomach feeling you are getting could be IBS which is your bowl and you get it from stressing out and also your dry mouth can occur I guess from heavy breathing due to anxiety, sometimes you won't even realise that you do it and also the headaches can come from the stress of anxiety. I have had all of your symptoms. The part about the hiv I don't know but it could just be an irrational fear and might be good for you to talk to a councillor about it. Trust me I thought all the time with anxiety every little thing that went wrong with me was a sign I had cancer or something but I was wrong and you just need help getting through it. It's emotionally tuff anxiety but hopefully we can overcome it one day soon


I really hope so.. I just cant seem to shake it off.. I use to be so healthy and workout all the time now I dont want to do nothing... I really wish it would go away.. I seen a psychic and she told me thats I worry to much on that and its not that.. that I will be okay.


You DO NOT have HIV. These are all symptoms of acute anxiety.

To conquer this you need a relaxation tape, think positive otherwise you will send yourself crazy.

Anxiety can do worrying things to us all, you need to relax first of all, take long walks force yourself, do something you enjoy, eventually it will go away, be strong and conquer this

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I really want to say thank you for yalls time.. yes I hope its just anxiety and not the other thing idk what I would do tbh..


Thank yall for yalls time.. please get back as soon as yal can.


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