I need to change :(

I have a type of OCD that makes me worry about every single symptom i get. For example a head ache. My head goes into over drive and tells me I have a brain tumor or a pain in my leg is a blood clot. Im at the doctors probably once a week with something new. But no one listens. Ive been in the CBT waiting list for 15 months now, and ive probably got amother 6 month wait still to come. I find it difficult to socialise, go out or try any new food for fear of the "what if" scenario!


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  • I'm afraid there's a lot of us on here the same.

    It sounds like you have health anxiety (as do I) - it's a nasty thing always worrying about 'what if I have' as I know only too well.

    All I can say is don't Google any symptoms as you will undoubtedly find all the most worrying answers you could imagine.

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