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Need help to calm me down



So what feels like a life time (1yr) of not stressing about my health and constantly worrying here i am back to square one!

About 3/4 weeks ago i started feeling odd in my lower abdomen tried to not dwell on it, then i was waking up at 4am going to the toilet and now for the last 2 days ive had a feeling like somethings pressing my bladder and constantly needing to go to the toilet!

My natural first go to is prostate cancer or bladder and now im constantly worrying.

I hate that my young kids see there dad like this and at 38yr i keep saying “dont b stupid” but my head screams CANCER!!

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You may have a urinary tract infection. These need to be treated with antibiotics. See your doctor to check.

I know it's scarey but please just go and get checked out to give yourself piece of mind.

Saw your post trust me you do not have prostate cancer believe me I know and let's say you did you would probably live another 30 yrs

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How do you know?


When are you going to the doctor or have you already been?

Got drs appointment this thurs, but sure they will just fob me off and say its the anxiety causing it and try and fill me with tablets!

I have been stupid and been on google!

So now its a toss up between bowel/bladder or prostate cancer

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Firstly, it's highly unlikely to be anything sinister.

Secondly, I myself have had nearly all the Google check list for bowel cancer and spent many many sleepless nights going out of my mind thinking I was dying. After many tests and nagging my doctor turned out not to be cancer at all. Relief is an understatement. (It was something but not cancer and despite my many Google attempts all I got back was bowel cancer and not a single mention that what I had presents almost all the same symptoms)

I also had symptoms of an aggressive form of breast cancer. My anxiety convinced me it was not possibly anything else. I was sick with worry while waiting for a breast scan from the hospital. Guess what, it wasn't breast cancer. It turned out to be nothing at all.

The point is, Google is the worst thing for us with anxiety.

It always gives a wide range of symptoms and the result is always the worst possible case scenario.

I know nothing I say right now will help your mind rest. So go to the doctor for peace of mind. But try to realise that Google will never offer you any comfort health wise.

Try not to worry. And once you get the all clear from the doctor maybe look into therapy or medication for your anxiety.

Take a deep breath, and try to relax. I'm sure there are 101 things that can be causing this feeling you're having in your lower abdomen 100 of them being nothing serious at all. Don't always assume it's the worst.

Been to doctors, now awaiting test results from blood (and other)

The wait is going to be horrible 😞

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