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Worried about a fast heart again

My doctor said he will do a 5 day ECG to put my mind at ease I get horrible rush feelings in my chest even when I'm not panicking. Feels like my heart goes slow then fast ect. Worrys me to hell. I've had every other test bloods urine ect I'm convinced but the doctors think it's anxiety. I don't know how to cope waiting for it now who else has these problems?

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Sorry to see no replies on your post

I used to have a fear over my heart but as the years went on I developed HA & somehow the fear of a heart attack became less but I moved on to the fear of literally having anything & everything wrong with me instead !

Good news is your doctor is having this monitor put on which I am sure will be fine & if so when you get the results if you still can't let go of this fear & I know it is not easy you need to speak with your GP about therapy maybe even meds , even if you have tried these things before & they have not worked as we may not have been ready they are worth trying again

My reply may not have been much help but just wanted to let you know your post had been read & let us know how you get on




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Hi Mc x I find with the heart and anxiety it can always make you fear the worst when experiencing the palps etc x Its good to hear your doctor is taking steps to put your mind at ease x I get the rush feelings almost as if adrenalin had released x Palps funny flippy feelings, as if the heart has stopped or its going to fast you name it the lot and was assured by ecg and cardiac nurse that it was nothing to worry about an it actually came about that it was all hormone related x Still at times I can worry x I find the hotter days it happens more with more hot flushes to x Funny old thing anxiety and what it doz x Try to not worry to much they are usually really fast with results xx And then you will know for sure x Donver


HI again just noticed how old this post is dont worry its me the comp is having a jip and i have posts all over from very old to new lol x :)


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