Feels like I'm dying

*sigh* I thought things would get better but apparently not.

It seems as my anxiety gets worse, the world around me seems more scary and I feel like I'm close to death in any minute. This is especially bad when I'm lying down sleeping. Every time I have a negative thought I get a feeling in my chest around my heart which makes me think it's going to give out. It's too frightening!

I know anxiety can't kill but the way I'm feeling right now makes me think otherwise. Its very hard to control my thoughts at this point. Am I just panicking? I REALLY hope I'm alright. :(


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  • you are alright. anxiety tricks your brain into being afraid just like schizophrenia tricks people's brains into hearing/seeing things that aren't there in reality. the fear isn't anything real. also remember that every emotion has emotional and PHYSICAL feelings that come with it. (when you're sad your heart hurts, when you're panicking your heart flutters) just acknowledge the fear and then let it go. everything will be okay even though anxiety can be hard (:

  • Thanks. It's a horrible trickster anxiety is.

  • Hi there i know this feeling only too well,its your mind playing tricks on you,it seems like a battle on your worst days as when your anxiety has stayed in the background you breathe a sigh of relief as you think im ok today,but thats the trick anxiety plays on you,you will be constantly waiting of a bad feeling,even on your good days as we become oversensitive to every tiny symptom from morning to night,you probably know anyway deep down that its your thoughts that are creating your worries about your heart,i got myself into a massive panic attack last year and phoned 111 convinced i was dying,a lovely nurse calmed me down,i let my negative thoughts run away with me and take over,and thats all it is your thoughts ,they are all anxiety is about,it feeds on how you think about everything,your health,your reactions to other people,your self esteem,how you look to the world around you,anyway good luck with your journey through this,the saying keep calm and carry on is so true,as its the only way to work through this.

  • Thanks. It's tough really. Nowadays I wake up and think my heart is going to give out from all the anxiety and negative thinking cause I looked up that the brain is a powerful thing. Really hope that's not the case with me.

  • Hi marc....i used to suffer with terrible health anxiety. But the more you concentrateon the sensations the worse your anxiety will get. My sensations are alot more improved now and dont bother me so much. If you ever want to chat please feel free to message me x

  • Thanks poppet36. It does seem that it gets worse the more I think about it but at this point it's very difficult to control my thinking. I can manage it, I just hope it doesn't kill me because right now I feel like death is coming and it's horrible! :(

  • I think am the same as you, i have not been diagnosed with by a doctor but from what i have read in this forum, i feel exactly the same. . . .

  • Yes I know exactly the feeling. Every twitch, pain, throb, ache, I get a feeling I may be dying. My negative thoughts get the best of me and I'm in tunnel vision all day. And can't focus. And the anxiety wins 😩

  • I know how you feel! Currently I have a fuzzy feeling in my chest above my heart that it's making me feel like I'm gonna get a heart attack. It's a horrible trickster yet I believe it anyway. D:

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