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Meditation, meditation, meditation

Hi everyone :)

It's actually harder to write a blog when you are feeling better. You don't want to waffle on about how good you feel when you know others struggling. I guess I am still struggling too, but I am aware of my struggle and not so fearful.

My improvement has come from living for the now, letting go of the past and not trying to foresee the future. I am letting go of old resentments and trying to see things differently. To be honest I haven't been tested yet, things are quiet but I am learning new skills to cope when faced with a fearful situation.

I keep mentioning meditation because it had really helped me, I was septical at first and thought I was too wound up to relax. But it's not about relaxing, it's about breathing and looking inward.

Free 21 day meditation program for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Namaste x

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im reading into meditation at the min i want to give it a go so much ive even looked into a monks retreat in scotland i want to visit costs but if they can teach me how to meditate i wont complain :) its suppose to be really good for anxiety, which im suffering from at the min :(

jo x


Hi Jo, wow a retreat sounds great. But you really don't need to be taught, the fact you want to do it is enough. Start with very basic breathing, you can get free iPad or iPhone apps or try the link I posted. There is no wrong or right way, just the way you choose to do it. Mindfulness for Dummies for a old read, you might be able to get it from your local library.

I wish you well in your journey :) x


auto correct again *odd not old read :)


Sounds great, I must get some of that today :-)




I'm going to have a look at that, thanks for link xxx


Thanks il give it a go :)

Jo x


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