Worrisome Neck Pain!!!

Hi everyone, so today was OK at the beginning then I started to have pains in my neck! As the day wore on the pain became more intense . I'm lying here thinking is this it could it be a sign I'm having a heart attack ? The more I think of it the worse the pain gets!! I'm trying to convince myself its just from the way I sleep but I don't know! Does anyone else have this problem! The pain radiates from my neck to my shoulders! Everyday its some new symptom! I can't deal someone please help!!!


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  • Hello there. Yes I have neck pain that if I don't deal with it turns into a migtraine on the tight side of my temple. I have disc prolapses in my neck as well as back so I constantly need to be hyper-vigilant as to how I sit when reading and sleeping.

    Stress builds up in our bodies over time. Some folks carry it in their lower backs, jaw, shoulders and of course necks. Whever we have muscle groupings, they will and do tighten.

    Do all that you can to loosen the neck muscles. Heat packs are great for that. Portable tens machines work well as does self massage. YouTube will have videos on how best to do this. Avoid looking down for prolonged periods. Stretch those neck muscles regularly especially if spending lots of time on a phone/tablet etc.

    Use over the counter meds if the pain is really bad.

    Be well. 🌹

  • Thank U for the advice! I have this pillow I bought but it doesn't seem to help! I know its something cause its making my head hurt all of a sudden ! I'm going to try the heat right now , I've taken ibuprofen hoping that helps also! I'll let u know the outcome!! Thanx again Lizbett

  • You're most welcome! And yes please, do let me know how you fare ☺

  • Good Morning, this soumds like super stress because im always having aches and pains and i uave been so stressed out and down. Try deep breathing techniques its something simple and make yourself get out and hang around positive people getting out does help ive been trying to do that and it works ☺ Hope it works for you!

  • Thank U for the positive feedback I'll try any and everything right now

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