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A right pain!*!*!*

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely christmas. It's such a trying time, but I hope you all found even just for a minute........

a little peace on earth

I have been doing quite well, I think! This year has possibly been the hardest (in terms of - therapy, life events and to be honest just overall triggers) since my aunt(who was more of a mother to me than my actual mother, but we're working on that......and that's a story for another day:) passed, four years ago February coming, but I still seemed to be doing quite well, the world, my brain, the dreaded anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsions and just life in general has been against me did I mention my brain:) but I've ploughed on regardless, what else you gonna do.......right? But this just tops it, and if I'm honest this is just me venting (sorry if I bring anyone down) now my body has decided to join the dark side I feel pretty much broken today! if it's not enough with all of the usual aches and pains involved with the constant state of tension my body is in, as I don't have any body fat to burn I'm severely underweight (to provide a mental image my boyfriend tells me I look like a racing snake, in the nicest possible way:) so I overwork my muscles constantly Im way too over active, I'm not getting nearly enough sleep or food ( s'pose I'm not fulfilling my basic needs really - just realised this whilst writing!) but now my teeth are absolutely destroying me, I can honestly say I have never felt pain like this (And I've had two bubbas) this is an ongoing problem, probably for the last 3 yrs due to waiting for anxiety dentist - who I have seen maybe 9 or 10 times in that time frame - he has worked on me 6 of those times , which to be honest is massive for me) I haven't slept for 4 days and seriously cannot take the pain anymore:( I phoned 111 as I was turned away at our emergency centre - we don't have a hospital anymore) I now have to wait for an emergency dentist to phone to arrange an appointment today! Apparently I have to see a dentist for pain relief, (due to medication interactions I can only take paracetamol unless prescribed pain-relief. Its just the absolute last kick in the jingle bells I'm over this year now! Why does life kick us when we're down? Can I just move on to the next year - pain free, positive and filled with hope.....


(Just putting it out there:)

Sorry for the whinge! (and any mistakes I'm sleep deprived)

Best wishes for 2014

Eva x

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I hope writing everything down & knowing people have read you post helps a little bit even though it wont take the pain away that you are suffering with your teeth which did make me feel for you as I think there isn't much worse than pain related to your teeth & you sounds like you are & have been going through such a lot with yours which wouldn't help my anxiety & imagine the same will be for you , I hope you get the pain relief medication & it settles down soon & well done going through all that treatment , I have all on going for a check up !

Keep talking on here & let us know how you are once you have been later





Hi why why, thank you for your reply and kind words, hope you are well. I think this site helps immensely I credit it (along with other things) to me starting to feel more positive, the horror I felt about posting no longer exists (it's only taken a year.) This site and the lovely people on it are so welcoming and I've found people have an understanding because were all in it together, it truly is a lifeline. I will let you know what happens I have an appointment at 12.15 fingers crossed they can tide me over until I can get an appt at anxiety dentist. to be honest the pain is sort of taking over everything so I'm not struggling too much with the anxiety of it all, at the min:)

Best wishes Eva x


Good Luck

Will be thinking about you :-)



Hi why why, hope you are well. I thought I'd better give you an update:) still in heaps of pain but have some pain relief now and I have been referred to specialist neurology may not be my teeth after all! think I may have opened a whole different can of worms - am being very strong and not consulting dr google! and just taking from it the positivity of moving forwards and maybe getting the help I need.

My very best wishes for the newyear

Eva xx


Hi Eva

Well first I am pleased you have some pain relief & hope it starts working soon which I am sure it will

I get neuralgia which is painful , nothing like you describe you have been suffering from but I think it sounds positive they are sending you to see a specialist , I feel this could get you the answers you need after all this suffering you have been through

Let us no what happens & thank you for posting & letting us no

Happy New Year to you to :-)



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