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Brain bursts of pressure; Light headed; Warm sensation in heart area

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has experienced warm sensations in the heart area--almost as if you can feel your blood moving through your heart area (very warmly). I have also experienced pressure in the heart area. I had an EKG and most recently wore a holter monitor to check for heart problems. As I am waiting to hear back from that, I am now experiencing pressure in my head/brain. I sometimes get brain bursts (I will call them) and I am light headed and foggy. I feel as though I might pass out or have "the big one". This has been going on for about a week now. I have a very tender (to the touch) spot on the right side of my head as well. Everything I have been reading about points to anxiety. I have never had this before and don't consider myself that anxious about things. However, I can't think of anything else that it might be? Could my body be stressed about things without me feeling it? I do worry, but not more than the average person. I should say that I am a 40 year old female and have NEVER experienced anything like this in my life. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. :)

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HI gwe x I have some similar sensations what you describe and it can be frightening but after ecg,s and what not I am convinced they are simply anxiety. It could be that you are over thinking them as you are nervous awaiting your test results x Some times the foggy brain can be quite frightening but again can be put down to a lot of things from looking at a comp screen to much or being tired x Its not always necessary that you have to be anxious about something in particular to have anxiety, it can come from events a long time before and they just effect the way you handle a situation x Worrying to much and saying no more than normal can also be a sign of anxiety as you are obvious to the worry to pick up in it X Sorry I cannot be more help to you at this moment xx Oh and hi dont think we have spoken yet so I can take this opp t say hello x Donver x


Thanks for the info Donver! I am so hoping that it is just anxiety! But I find it hard to believe because of instances like today..... I was just walking my students (I am a teacher) to gym class and all of a sudden I get this rush of warmth or heat from my armpit to my chest area. How can that be anxiety? Nothing was going on that made me anxious at all. I could see it being anxiety for some symptoms.....but there must be some underlying issue--that only seems to make sense for me. I am not having panic attacks where my heart beats fast and I can't breathe....I am just doing my daily things and the warmth comes and goes sometimes followed by a pressure in my chest that wont go away. Its so scary because I feel like I am going to have a heart attack and die then and there. The other part that makes this so hard for me to believe it is just anxiety is that I don't get things like this for no reason. I am very healthy--I never go to the doctor other than for a yearly exam. ARGHHHH!! Very frustrating!!


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