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Falling sensations light headed


Dizzy spaced out every day feeling off balance and have falling sensations like the floor falls I know I've wrote about this before but I sure wish it would quit

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me tooo hun.... hang in there! i experiance this everyday

I'm feeling exactly like this today. Feels like when I'm walking I'm just totally spaced out nd feels like my body doesn't belong to me

JaMaL290482 in reply to Lyns1411

I have this situation too. But it long ago. I have it for a week. Just do something make.u busy. it will help

It's been four years I want it to stop so bad so I can the.mother my son deserves

I'm like this as well . I keep getting scared to take a shower because I'm so off balance.

Alipipips in reply to JoMarie5

I am too, I am going to wait until my daughter comes before I do

Omg I'm the same been almost 2 years I want thiS nightmare to end I can't function right and can't be the mother my daughter needs

JoMarie5 in reply to Luz-

I understand . I have a 5 year old daughter. And I feel so bad because of this .

Luz- in reply to JoMarie5

Yeah it's gotten so severe and it can last weeks months then it'll go away for months and then it'll come back , it's getting to the point I get shaky and weak and feel so off and doctors said it's hypoglycemia and then that it's just anxiety but I know it's not anxiety I feel so bad when I wake up , up until 5 pm then I start feeling good

JoMarie5 in reply to Luz-

Yes ! I to feel weak, tired and shaky . This is awful. I'm also very hyper aware and feel unreal.

Ashley1489 in reply to JoMarie5

I have a six year old son I know how u feel

If I wasn't so off balance and felt like I was going to faint I'd feel amazing......... I feel like my vision is affected as well I have floaters which I could live with...... I just wish I wasn't so spaced out all the time.... I feel like I can't stand a long time because I feel I will faint.... I get dizzy wobbly not spinning just off. Feeling.. also sometimes I feel like I'm falling like I can be sitting down and jump up because I feel like my head and stomach is dropping to the floor..

JoMarie5 in reply to Ashley1489

Yup I can relate to all of this . I see waves or shaky vision. The optometrist said the vision part was caused by silent migraines in my eyes .

Alipipips in reply to Ashley1489

I do too but this is my first episode in 5 years, so far it has lasted 4 days allready I am thinking getting a book on vertigo's exercises, I heard they help

Ashley1489 in reply to Alipipips

I hope it helps u

I can relate to all of this as well! These are the main symptoms/sensations of my anxiety, and if I didn't have them I would be 100% again. I can't stop these feelings, but I've been doing better with accepting they're anxiety, but they're still so annoying and debilitating at times. Sometimes I want to ask my doctor for a CT/MRI to make sure exerything is okay just for reassurance but I know he won't :(

NotToday in reply to Leopard45

Same here!!! :/

Alipipips in reply to Leopard45

I had both ct scan and ekg everything seemed fine except for high blood pressure, it did help me be less worried, maybe you should get ct scan or mri good luck

I get those feelings often as well. Last night I was at work and one hour before closing anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks, nausea, dizzy like I'm rocking on a boat and I kept feeling like I was going to faint. I had to lock myself in the restroom for 20 minutes just to close my eyes and take deep breaths. That's the first time it's been that severe at work for me. 😞

jackf4 in reply to AE101

same here :\

I praise you for being able to work I unfortunately can't :(

Same exact symptoms here for the last 3 months, some days better than others. Hope it gets better for all of us soon! I work as a physical therapist and being off balance and exhausted makes my job so much harder.

Wonder if we all are experiencing some form of orthostatic intolerance or hormonal imbalance? I feel like I get anxiety because of these sensations

I often wonder... My symptoms are what causes my anxiety not Visa versa

And that is the vicious cycle of anxiety . We all feel like the symptoms give us anxiety. I still haven't quite figured out how this all works but there are lots of people here with the same problem. Many of us have had tests done yet we still feel like shit . Idk but I was already thinking about having my hormones checked . I see my doctor Thursday. I will update after I go over this with him. I've been taking some allergy medicine and I feel like it helps a little. Anyone think they could have allergies? It's worth a try .

Hi anyone who has overcome this terrible thing of diziness please help us u know I have tried everything but I failed when I take medication I become worse am now seing the physician but still he gave me stugeron and hidrist for diziness I become more dizzy what kind of diziness is this one ?

I am also like you it doesn't seem to get any better, got a lot of other horrible syptoms now I've been slowly getting worse what a nightmare.

Ashley1489 in reply to 19malpas

I know it's the worst..... If these symptoms would leave I'd. Feel amazing

Hidden in reply to Ashley1489

I feel these symptoms all the time... I feel like my symptoms are 90% to do with things in my head that I'm so afraid I have a tumor

I used to get all the symptoms dizziness, falling sensation, feels like your rocking on a boat I don't know what causes it I wish I did know. Then I started taking small dose of magnesium supplements I have been taking them for months now and I no longer suffer the horrible symptoms well still a little dizzy but not half as bad as it used to be I also feel a lot calmer as the months have gone by. I could not live without it now.

Ashley1489 in reply to daisy-17

What brand magnesium do you take?

Alipipips in reply to daisy-17

That is interesting according to health nutritions most of us don't enough magnesium, I have a doctors appt thursday, I am going to ask about that, good thought, I hope your feeling better

Its called doctors best 100% chelated magnesium I got it off Amazon or ebay cant remember. The tablets come in 200mg but I only bite off a quarter of the tablet as the whole tablet can make me abit sleepy but its what ever is best for you take small amount first. Honestly the difference its made to my dizziness and falling sensation give it ago it has no side effects just abit of laxitive effect. Make sure you ask your doctor first about taking it. I don't like taking tablets but am glad I started this also do research on you tube about it.

Has anyone gotten any definitive answers on this falling sensation? I’ve been dealing with it for a few months. Usually it comes and goes within a few minutes but last month I had it twice in the same week where it lasted for hours. I’ve always had anxiety but this particular symptom is making it so much worse. My dr says panic attacks but now I’m worried she thought I meant that falling dropping sensation in your stomach and didn’t fully understand what I was saying. Waiting on test results to check my thyroid. I just wish I could put this behind me. If anyone has any helpful information I would greatly appreciate it. I know this post is older.

Indigojoe in reply to Bbower7

its a great question. I've had it and I hate it too

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