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Cancer? Has my mind been intentionally ignoring it?

When I was 17 I had the beginning stages of cerivcal cancer they were able to remove it during a biopsy op. Fast forward 7 yrs and here I am dreading it could be back, or that it maybe ovarian cancer. A few months after having my youngest almost two yrs ago, my periods started getting irregular it started with a sharp sudden backache and then my period started, I was bleeding bad.

doctors did ultrasound they saw nothing and 2 pelvic exams showed nothing.

my periods since then are bad and irregular I've told the doctors and they paid no attention. I've been gassy (tmi sorry) I get bloated badly in the pelvic area and sometimes it feels heavy. Anyways a lot of the symptoms of ovarian cancer I have

, I have avoided gynecologist appt, and I don't know why, finally Monday I have the appointment it's the earliest appointment.

I know I'm dreading it because I don't want to hear the news if I do.

Also these past two years have been and emotional very tiring yr four young kids and some personal issues. Could this be the cause of all my symptoms? Or cancer? I'm stupid for not going sooner. Maybe if it is cancer I could of caught it on time?? I noticed that I've been catching every cold and flu when I used to be immune to them.

I'm scared out of my mind.

I'm regretful of something that I could of possibly avoided and now my kids will deal with the consequences if I do have cancer.

I can't talk to anyone near about this fear please can someone talk to me??

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Really sorry to hear this Hun :( I hope your appointment comes back clear! Stay strong till then maybe they'll tell you what it is exactly and hopefully will be nothing serious! Always here fir a chat Hun try not to think of it all the best xx


Thank you, I'm trying to stay positive but I am that person that prepares myself for the worst so as I don't get hopeful. :( hopefullythey at least find out why like you said :)



I'm the same! Jump to the worst in every case I guess its the way out mind works! Hope everything goes well for you!xx



Some of your symptoms could be your anxiety , it can make you feel tired & we get so run down are immune system gets weak & it is very common we catch things more easily

But you really need to go & see your GP about your worries , I am sure they will put your mind at rest & when they have checked out your symptoms you can then work on your anxiety & hopefully put this fear to one side

Make that appointment , make them listen to you & insist you want checking out it will be such a relief when you have & you will feel a lot better

Let us know how you get on

Take Care



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