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Sertraline , lumpy breasts and under active thyroid

Well what can I say , on sertraline for anxiety , 75 mg's levothyroxine and now even more anxious as developed lumpy breasts like I have had an enlargement !!! Was on 150 mg of sertraline one go says go higher the other it's to high a dosage for you , don't know if I'm coming or going now waiting mammogram and ultrasound anxiety is far worse , need some advice is this hormonal , have a coil due to gyne issues but that's been there a year November just gone , reduced dosage of sertraline now feel anxious even more 😱😱😱😱

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I just had an ultra sound on Tuesday for lumpy breasts turns out it was just tissue build ups, I'm sure you're fine the process is a lot less scarier than what it sounds! And the lump in my armpit connected to my breast tissue is pretty big I left it for over a year and a half which is never a good idea. My anxiety is so much better after the relief of knowing what it is.


Thanks Lauren that makes me feel better , think it's hormones , but

like you said it all sounds worse than what it is , I appreciate your kindness for replying , I have a strange feeling mine is connected to 150 mg per day of sertraline a bit to high a dosage , quite scary how one go can say ok to take that much and another is shocked your on such a high dosage xx thankyou for replying means a lot 😀😀😀😘


You're welcome x


I'm sorry you are going through this... I have a feeling your 'lumpy breasts' could very easily turn out to be water filled cysts.... Hang in there and let us know how you are doing...


Good luck and I hope you get on ok, I'm sure you will. I'm on the same meds so understand xxxx hugs. Please let us know how you get on xxx


Hi there I was on 50mg then doctor put me up to 100mg and I got worse anxiety. Ended up on cymbalta and my anxiety is all but gone. Wishing you well.

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